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Profilm3D Optical Profiler

Product Features

Key Features

  • Affordable & Expandable
  • Sub-nanometre Vertical Resolution
  • Automated 100mm XY Stage
  • Tip-Tilt Stage
  • Wide Field of View
  • Profilm Analysis Software
Filmetrics Profilm3D optical profiler, with an example 3D surface topography image

Affordable & Accurate Optical Profilometry

The Filmetrics Profilm3D is a low-cost optical profiler system, designed with state of the art white light interferometry technology. Options are also available for phase shifting interferometry. The Profilm3D can produce high-quality surface topography from sub-nanometre to millimetre ranges, and capture infinite depth of field True colour images.

The Profilm3D hardware platform has a comprehensive range of features, and is expandable and upgradeable. An automatic XY stage with 100mm of travel and tip and tilt function is included as standard. An optional 200mm travel stage is also available with the Profilm3DPlus. The Profilm3D also features a 4-position turret, and has an exceptionally wide field of view – 2mm wide with a 10x objective.

Front and side views of the Profilm3D optical profiler

Intuitive Profilm & ProfilmOnline Analysis Software

Filmetrics’ Profilm software is a fully featured and intuitive to use software package for viewing and analysing Profilm3D images. The Profilm3D is also fully supported by ProfilmOnline, a cloud-based software platform providing access to profiler images and data from anywhere – even on a smartphone or tablet. ProfilmOnline can also be used to share images and collaborate on analysing data with other users.

The Profilm desktop software includes a comprehensive range of features. A variety of levelling and liftering options are provided to enhance accuracy and clarity. Surfaces can be analysed with line, rectangle, and histogram step heights, and all 47 standard ASME/EUR/ISO roughness parameters. Profilm provides powerful 3D visualisation capabilities to provide the best view of a sample’s surface.

Screenshot of the Profilm software, showing the 3D topography view
3D surface topography of a ceramic surface
Ceramic Surface
3D surface topography of a dicing saw cuts on a surface
Dicing Saw Test Cuts
3D surface topography of a Fresnel lens
Fresnel Lens

Technical Specifications

System Specifications

Z Range 100mm
Piezo Range 500μm
Scan Speed, Vertical 12μm/sec
XY Stage Type Automated
Sample Max Weight 2.5kg
Tip-Tilt Stage +/- 5°, Manual
Camera 2592 x 1944 (5 megapixels)
Camera Zoom4 1X, 2X, 4X
Colour Imaging Optional
Thickness Range, WLI 50nm - 10mm
Thickness Range, PSI 0 - 3μm
RMS Repeatability, WLI1 1.0nm
RMS Repeatability, PSI1 0.1nm
Step-Height Accuracy2 0.7%
Step-Height Precision3 0.1%
Step-Height Stability3 0.15%
Sample Reflectance Range 0.05% - 100%
ISO 25178 Compliant Yes
Mechanical – Profilm3D
XY Stage Range 100mm x 100mm
Sample Max Width 265mm
System Size, W x D x H 305mm x 305mm x 550mm
System Weight 15kg
Mechanical – Profilm3DPlus
XY Stage Range 200mm x 200mm
Sample Max Width 365mm
System Size, W x D x H 406mm x 406mm x 550mm
System Weight 22kg

Objective Specifications (Nikon CF IC Epi Plan)5

Magnification 5X 10X 20X 50X 100X
Field of View at 1X Zoom 4.0mm x 3.4mm 2.0mm x 1.7mm 1.0mm x 0.85mm 0.4mm x 0.34mm 0.2mm x 0.17mm
Numeric Aperture 0.13 0.3 0.4 0.55 0.7
Working Distance 9.3mm 7.4mm 4.7mm 3.4mm 2.2mm
Spatial Sampling at 4X Zoom6 1.76μm 0.88μm 0.44μm 0.176μm 0.088μm
Resolving Power of Lens 2.1μm 0.92μm 0.69μm 0.5μm 0.4μm
Maximum Sample Slope7 8.5° 14° 21° 25° 42°

1 Typical value
2 8μm step
3 Precision is 1σ of 30 measurements of a 10μm Step-Height Standard, average of 1σ over 20 successive days. Ambient stable to within 1°C.
Stability is 2σ of daily average of 30 measurements of a 10μm Step-Height Standard over 20 successive days. Ambient stable to within 1°C.
4 Digitally realized. Number of effective pixels after binning is 648 x 484 for all zooms.
5 Sold separately
6 Pixel size projected on sample
7 Greater (better) for rough surfaces

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Data Sheet

Filmetrics Profilm3D Optical Profiler Data Sheet