ZETA-20 True Colour 3D Optical Profiler

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Short Description
  • The Zeta-20 3D optical profiler provides Exceptional 3D imaging and metrology. Based on proprietary ZDot technology, the Zeta-20 images and analyzes surface features on samples of all types: smooth to rough, low reflectivity to high reflectivity, transparent to opaque. All hardware is easy to install and easy to use.

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Product Overview
  • The KLA Zeta-20 Optical Profiler is a non-contact 3D surface analysis platform, powered by KLA's innovative Z-Dot™ technology and Multi-Mode optics. ZDot™ enables High resolution 3D topography scanning and true colour infinite focus imaging, alongside a powerful focusing aid. Multi-Mode optics allows up to six optical measurement techniques to be integrated into a compact benchtop tool. The Zeta-20 is suitable for measuring a variety of materials, whether transparent or opaque, low or high reflectance, and smooth or rough textures. Ideally suited for either research or production environments, the Zeta-20 is fast and easy to use and affordable to operate.

    Key Features

    • ZDot™ High Resolution 3D Imaging
    • Multi-Mode Optics with 6 Techniques
    • Fully Automated Measurements
    • Configurable Stages & Chucks
    • Simple & Intuitive User Interface

    ZDot™ High Resolution 3D Topography & Imaging

    A 3D view of a sample surface, produced from topography data generated by ZDot ZDot™'s high resolution 3D scanning
    ZDot™ High Resolution 3D Topography Data
    An infinite focus, true colour image of a sample taken with ZDot™
    ZDot™ Infinite Focus True Colour Imaging

    KLA's innovative and patented ZDot™ technology allows the Zeta-20 to simultaneously collect high-resolution 3D topography data alongside True Colour infinite focus imaging. Proprietary 3D measurement technology is combined with powerful algorithms to ensure the highest quality results. This combination allows for scanning with incredible detail and clarity, while remaining quick and easy to use.

    A sample viewed through the Zeta-20's optics, focused at the bottom surface. The high-contrast grid is clearly visible.
    The ZDot™ grid visible when the bottom surface is in focus
    The same sample viewed through the Zeta-20's optics, focused at the top surface. The high-contrast grid can be seen clearly.
    The ZDot™ grid visible when the top surface is in focus

    ZDot also makes operating the Zeta-20 straightforward, by projecting a focusing grid onto a samples surface™. The top and bottom surfaces can be easily located, as the ZDot™ grid will appears at it's highest contrast when the surface is in focus.

    Multi-Mode Optics

    • ZDot™ High Resolution 3D Imaging
    • ZIC Interference Contrast
    • ZXI White Light Interferometry
    • ZFT Film Thickness & Reflectance
    • ZSI Shearing Interferometry
    • AOI Automatic Optical Inspection

    With Multi-Mode Optics, the Zeta-20 can feature up to six different optical metrology technologies in a single integrated platform. Additional 3D measurement techniques, such as white light interferometry, Nomarski interference contract microscopy, and shearing interferometry can provide additional surface topography capabilities. The Zeta-20 can support film thickness measurements on a variety of materials. The powerful optics and motorised stages available on the Zeta-20 make it suitable as a high end microscope for sample review and automated defect inspection.

  • Performance

    • Z Resolution 0.1nm
    • Z Repeatability (Step Height)< 0.5%
    • Z Accuracy (Step Height)< 0.75%
    • RMS Repeatability (Roughness) 0.05nm

    Optics & Illumination

    Multi-Mode Measurement & Imaging Capability

    • ZDot (Confocal Grid Structured Illumination), True Color, Standard
    • ZFT (Thin Film Spectrometer), Option
    • ZIC (Intereference Contrast Imaging), Option
    • ZX5/100 (Vertical Scanning Interferometer), Option
    • ZSI (Shearing Interfometer), Option

    Illumination Optics

    • Triple optical path for Multi-Mode Optics
    • Dual Ultra Bright LED, White, Standard
    • Dual Ultra Bright LED, Blue, Option

    Illumination Options

    • Bright Field, Standard
    • Polarized Light, Option
    • Through Transmissive (Bottom), Option
    • Dark Field, Option
    • Multiple Angle Side Illumination, Option

    Objectives & Imaging

    Objective Options

    • 1.25X - 150X Normal Objectives
    • Long Working Distance Objectives, Ultra Long Working Distance Objectives
    • Through Transmissive Objectives, Liquid Immersion Objectives
    • Vertical Scanning Interferometry Objectives

    Field of View

    • From 9µm x 7µm up to 18mm x 14mm (objective dependent)

    Turret Options

    • From 1-position up to 6-position Manual
    • 6-position Automated


    • Color CCD camera, Software controlled, Variable image size, from 640x480 pixels up to 1920x1440 pixels
    • Larger pixel formats also available for custom applications

    Total Magnification

    • 5500 times optical / 66000 times digital

    Scan Range & Speed

    Z Scan Range

    • Up to 25mm in a single scan

    Z Scan Speed

    • > 150µm/sec

    Stage and Sample Dimensions

    Z Scan Stage

    • 40mm Standard, Closed loop with optical feedback control, 13nm resolution
    • 240mm Extended Option, Closed loop with optical feedback control, 13 nm resolution
    • 200µm Ultra High Precision Piezo Stage Option, 0.1nm resolution

    XY Stage Options

    • Manual XY Stage: Up to 175mm x 350mm
    • Motorized XY Stage: Up to 180mm x 200mm

    Tip/Tilt Options

    • Precision & Coarse Tip/Tilt stage options up to 20° of tilt
    • "CM" Option for disk and wafer edge measurements
    • "Swivel Head" Option for tilting optical head around large samples

    Sample Chuck

    • 360° rotary chuck with vacuum connection
    • Glass chuck for through transmissive imaging (backlight)
    • Custom chucks and fixtures for specific applications

    Sample Weight

    • Up to 15Kg, depending on XY stage selected
    • >15Kg Option available for specific applications

    Sample Size

    • XY Size: Up to 350mm depending on XY Stage
    • Z Size: 125mm, Standard; 350mm with Extended Z-Stage Option
    • Custom extended staging options available

    Software Feature Set


    • The comprehensive Zeta3D software package is a fully integrated data acquisition, analysis and reporting package. Step height, roughness, profile and area analysis based on ISO standards are all included in the Zeta3D software package.

    Advanced Applications

    • CD - Critical Dimension
    • Feature detection
    • Multi-surface
    • Film thickness
    • HDR - high dynamic range
    • Bow/Warp Mapping
    • Wafer Edge Profile
    • AOI - Defect Inspection

    External Applications & Controls

    • ZMorf
    • MATLAB
    • SPIP
    • TCP/IP
    • SECS/GEM

    Automation Suite

    • Auto-illumination
    • Autofocus
    • Auto sequence
    • Auto deskew
    • Pattern recoginition
    • Auto-stitching
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