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  • By offering researchers the option to use the tool in both in-situ environments and ambient settings, depending on the demands of the experiment, the NanoFlip nanoindenter is designed to be the most versatile mechanical properties testing instrument on the market today.

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Product Overview
  • Limitless Imaging Options

    Designed to be vacuum compatible like all instruments in the KLA product range, NanoFlip is ideal for in-situ environments like SEMs, FIBs and vacuum chambers, using the microscopes themselves to provide imaging. When your experiments take you ex-situ, NanoFlip stands ready to perform by being able to work under any imaging system imaginable such as AFMs, Optical Microscopes and Optical Profilometers.

    InView Software

    KLA's InView software provides the user with exceptional control of their experiment, while moving complex control tasks to the background for ease-of-use and rapid ramp-up time for new users. Reviewing data is simple, and InView makes it easy to generate presentation-ready plots immediately that can be viewed on several computer stations in multiple locations.

    InQuest Controller

    KLA's InQuest Controller provides quasi-static and dynamic control in the same compact enclosure, which is run by the included all-in-one computer. With an industry-leading dynamic range, displacement ranges of over 50um can be measured with precision below 0.05nm, a time constant of 20 microseconds and data acquisition speeds up to 100 kHz.


    The scientists at KLA have developed and used dynamic measurement techniques for over twenty-five years. Operating nanomechanical actuators in a dynamic mode, in-vacuum, allows for continuous measurement of contact stiffness, or continuous dynamic analysis of viscoelastic properties such as storage and loss modulus.

    InForce 50

    The KLA InForce actuators utilize patent-pending voice-coil force generation and capacitive displacement resolution to achieve the best dynamic range in the industry. With 50mN of force, the InForce 50 enables a wide range of tests, including, but not limited to compression, membrane and indentation testing. The dynamic characteristics of InForce 50 mean that low-noise, stability, and closed-loop control are inherent to the design, whether operating in quasi-static or dynamic modes.

    Superior Physics

    The InForce 50 is an electromagnetic actuator, which by design has linear physics of force actuation with clear separation of measurement variables like force and displacement. This makes it the most accurate actuator in the market. Also, the actuator is inherently force-controlled, making it the most precise actuator on the market. Furthermore, it is the only actuator that performs dynamic testing in vacuum and the only actuator that can perform dynamic testing up to 500Hz.

    Best-In-Class Load Frame Stiffness

    The NanoFlip offers a unique combination of high flexibility in sample manipulation along with a high load frame stiffness. The NanoFlip has a load frame stiffness of more than 1x10^6 N/m.

    Works Best With

    • Both small and large chamber SEM/FIBs
    • Optical Microscopes
    • AFMs
    • Optical Profilometers
    • Raman
    • XRD
    • DIC
    • Many Others
    Revolutionary Fib2Test Technology

    Imagine being able to FIB your sample and then automatically and seamlessly transition to nanoindentation testing in one simple step. NanoFlip gives you that capability. Tilting the stage to the vertical position puts your sample perfectly in line to FIB it to the ideal dimensions. Post FIB it is a simple one-step procedure to rotate the sample 90 degrees aligning it to the indenter, allowing for quick and accurate testing.

  • Acutator Specifications

    • Displacement measurement: Capacitive Gauge
    • Displacement range: 50 microns
    • Displacement resolution (electronic): 0.001 nm
    • Optical Typical noise : < 0.1 nm
    • Load Application: Electromagnetic
    • Maximum Load: 50 mN
    • Load Resolution: 3 nN

    Controller Specifications

    • Data Acquisition Rate: 100 khz
    • Closed Loop CPU Control Rate: 500 Hz
    • Dynamic Excitation Frequencies: 0.1 Hz -1 kHz

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