Surface Analysis

Surface Analysis
We offer a wide range of instrumentation for critical surface measurements and analysis of the surface topography, which includes roughness and relations to processing and performance.

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    P-17 Stylus Profiler
    The KLA P-17 Stylus Profiler offers industry leading measurement readability for reliable measurement performance. With a 200 mm scan stage as standard, the P-17 is the only stylus profiler on the market offering long scan capability without stitching. The UltraLite® sensor provides the highest vertical resolution.
    ZETA-20 True Colour 3D Optical Profiler
    The Zeta-20 3D optical profiler provides Exceptional 3D imaging and metrology. Based on proprietary ZDot technology, the Zeta-20 images and analyzes surface features on samples of all types: smooth to rough, low reflectivity to high reflectivity, transparent to opaque. All hardware is easy to install and easy to use.
    Park XE7 AFM
    The most affordable research grade AFM with flexible sample handling
    Park NX10 AFM
    The premiere choice for nanotechnology research
    EM-30AX Plus & LE Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope with EDS
    The COXEM EM-30AX Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope offers advanced, high-end features in a compact form factor. This desktop SEM features high resolution imaging and dual SE and BSE detectors. A 3-axis motorised stage is included as standard for efficient and simple operation. The EM-30AX has integrated EDS for elemental microanalysis.
    CX-200 Plus Scanning Electron Microscope
    The COXEM CX-200 Plus Scanning Electron Microscope provides high performance in a compact size, at an attractive price. This full size SEM features high resolution imaging, and SE and BSE detectors. With a 5-axis motorised stage and chamber view camera as standard, the CX-200 Plus is easy to use. Analytical options include EDS, EBSD and CL detectors.
    CP-8000 Ion Mill Cross Section Polisher
    The CP-8000 Ion Mill Cross Section Polisher gives a perfect finish for SEM sample preparation. Using an argon ion beam, the CP-8000 gently removes material from a sample's surface without deforming or smearing. Easy to use with a touch screen interface.
    KLA Nano Indenter G200
    The Nano Indenter G200 is the most accurate, flexible, user-friendly instrument for nanomechanical testing. Electromagnetic actuation allows unparalleled dynamic range in force and displacement and measurement of deformation over six orders of magnitude (from nanometers to millimeters).
    iNano Nanoindenter
    The iNano nanoindenter is made easy and affordable by offering repeatability, accuracy and precision at a price that puts nanoindentation capability into reach for any lab's budget.
    By offering researchers the option to use the tool in both in-situ environments and ambient settings, depending on the demands of the experiment, the NanoFlip nanoindenter is designed to be the most versatile mechanical properties testing instrument on the market today.
    UNECS Portable High-speed Spectroscopic Ellipsometer
    With a compact size, low weight and ULVAC's ultra-fast measurement technology, the UNECS-Portable can be easily transported for quality assurance and acceptance testing applications. The ellipsometer's stage can be detached for measuring directly on large samples.
    Evactron Easy Plasma SoftClean
    The ultimate in flexibility, the Evactron Easy Plasma SoftClean (EPSC) combines the Evactron EP remote Plasma De-Contaminator with the Evactron SoftClean System, creating an easy to use chamber and desktop plasma cleaner. It can also be used as a specimen storage system, keeping samples in a contamination-free environment.
12 Item(s)

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