Surface Analysis

Surface Analysis
We offer a wide range of instrumentation for critical surface measurements and analysis of the surface topography, which includes roughness and relations to processing and performance.

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    iMicro Nanoindenter
    When material testing requirements demand flexibility, data accuracy is crucial, and ease-of-use essential, the iMicro nanoindenter consistently delivers. This big brother to the groundbreaking iNano incorporates all the test reliability, user-friendly software and instrument capabilities, then ups the performance with high load nanoindentation.
    Polishing Machine
    The Polishing Machine is a sturdy and reliable grinder and polisher for manual sample preparation. A powerful motor provides constant high torque, and digitally controlled speed between 10-990 RPM. Electronic coolant control with adjustable flow control.
    Sawing Machine
    The Sawing Machine is a precision low speed saw, specially designed for small delicate samples sensitive to heat. Features a gravity fed cutting system with adjustable force, digitally controlled variable speed, and cutting depth control.
    Mounting Press
    The Mounting Press is a hydraulic-pneumatic mounting press for encapsulating samples. Features programmable mounting cycles with control over temperatures and pressure. Prepares up to 2 mounts in under 9 minutes.
    Critical Point Dryer
    Critical Point Drying is essential for preserving the surface structure of delicate samples during SEM sample preparation. This Critical Point Dryer features a simple and robust design that is easy to operate and maintain, with a large chamber.
    Park NX-Hivac AFM
    High vacuum atomic force microscope for failure analysis and atmosphere-sensitive materials research.
    Park NX10 AFM
    The premiere choice for nanotechnology research
    Park XE7 AFM
    The most affordable research grade AFM with flexible sample handling
    Park NX20 300mm AFM
    The leading automated nanometrology tool for 300 mm wafer measurement and analysis
    Park NX20 AFM
    The leading nano metrology tool for failure analysis and large sample research
    Park XE15 AFM
    Increase your productivity with our powerfully versatile atomic force microscope
    Phoenix AFM Controller
    The new Phoenix AFM Controller has been developed to expand the functionality of scanning probe microscopes.
Items 1 to 12 of 60 total

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