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Short Description
  • The KLA P-7 Stylus Profiler offers industry leading measurement readability for reliable measurement performance. With a 150 mm scan stage as standard, the P-7 is the only stylus profiler on the market offering long scan capability without stitching. A 2 µm radius stylus is standard, with options for sub-micron to 25 µm radii available.

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Product Overview
  • Key Features

    • Unmatched repeatability and reproducibility for reliable measurements
    • 150 mm scan stage as standard, offering the longest continuous scan without the need to scan stitching, with superior scan flatness
    • Best noise floor, linearity, and measurement sensitivity over the full Z measurement range
    • Standard 2 µm radius stylus, with options from sub-micron to 25 µm radii available
    • Extensive list of standard measurement parameters, Apex report generating software and advanced 3D imaging

    Product Description

    The KLA P-7 Stylus Profiler builds on the success of KLA's market leading stylus profilers, and offers industry leading measurement repeatability for reliable measurement performance. This mid-range platform brings KLA's superior scanning technology - a programmable scan stage, low noise and high quality, high resolution long scans, and combines them with the best price-to-performance capabilities from any manufacturer.

    The P-7 Stylus Profiler offers industry leading measurement repeatability for reliable measurement performance. The surface measurement system has a 150 mm scan length standard, and is the only stylus profiler on the market to offer long scan capability without the need for stitching.

    The P-7 Stylus profiler features the UltraLite® sensor, which includes dynamic force control, excellent linearity, and the highest vertical resolution making it the best sensor available on a stylus profiler.

    To provide excellent usability and productivity, the P-7 Stylus Profiler features point-and-click operation and a comprehensive productivity package, which makes the P-7 Stylus Profiler the easiest to use tool on the market.

    Measurement Applications

    The KLA P-7 Stylus Profiler surface measurement system can provide solutions for a comprehensive range of surface measurements and applications:

    • This film step heights
    • Thick film step heights
    • Photo resist / soft films
    • Etched trench depth
    • Materials characterisation for surface roughness and waviness
    • Surface curvature and form
    • 2D stress of thin films
    • Dimensional analysis and surface texture
    • 3D imaging of various surface
    • Flatness or curvature
    • Defect review and defect analysis
    • And many more

    Features & Options

    The KLA P-7 Stylus Profiler includes an unprecedented range of features and capabilities for a mid-range general purpose instrument. A variety of options are available to enhance the system's standard capabilities, to better tailor the system for different applications.

    • Stylus Profiling
      A precision scan stage enables high quality 2D and 3D scans over the entire 150 mm sample stage, with up to 150 mm scan length and 1 mm Z range.
    • Step Height Repeatability
      A step height repeatability of 4 Å, one-sigma or better on samples up to 1 µm tall offers the best measurement performance in the industry.
    • Apex Software
      The Apex software contains advanced filtering, levelling, and analysis functions, controlled with a simple and intuitive interface. Over 40 key parameters are available, including depth, step height, roughness, waviness, slope, flatness, radius of curvature, stress, bearing ratio, distance, volume, and peak count distribution.
    • Productivity Package
      The Productivity Package includes pattern recognition, 1000 sequence sites and a sequence queue. Can be combined with integrated Apex software for filly automated data collection and reporting.
    • 3D Imaging
      3D imaging and viewing of surface topography in photo-realistic, colour-coded, and rotatable 3D or top-down contour maps. Perform comprehensive analysis of scanned features as they appear in 3D and in 2D by examining cross-sections.
    • 2D Stress Analysis
      Stress is measured in 2D using Stoney's equation to calculate the stress of a processing step, such as thin film deposition, by measuring the change in curvature of the substrate.
  • KLA's P-7 stylus profiler provides advanced surface measurement and analysis capabilities. This mid-range platform is ideal for research and development and production environments offering the best features-to-value of any stylus profiler on the market.


    The P-7 features industry leading step height repeatability due to superior sensor and scanning stage design

    Steps ≤ 1 µm Steps > 1 µm
    Repeatability1 4 Å 0.10%
    Reproducibility1 15 Å 0.25%

    1. Repeatability and reproducibility are defined as standard deviation of 30 trials using best known methods on a well-defined step height.

    UltraLite® Sensor

    The UltraLite® sensor is a linear variable differential capacitive (LVDC) sensor with the lowest mass, lowest noise, and highest resolution of any sensor available. It is the only sensor technology with constant force control over the entire vertical range.

    Standard Low Force Extended
    Total Dynamic Range 327 µm 131 µm 1000 µm
    Vertical Resolution 0.01 / 0.04 / 0.20 Å
    low / mid / high range
    0.01 / 0.02 / 0.10 Å
    low / mid / high range
    0.01 / 0.08 / 0.60 Å
    low / mid / high range
    Stylus Force 0.5 - 50 mg 0.03 - 50 mg 0.5 - 50 mg
    Force Control constant constant constant
    Vertical Linearity2 ± 0.5% > 2000 Å
    10 Å ≤ 2000 Å
    ± 0.5% > 2000 Å
    10 Å ≤ 2000 Å
    ± 0.5% > 2000 Å
    10 Å ≤ 2000 Å
    Sampling Rate 5 to 2000 Hz 5 to 2000 Hz 5 to 2000 Hz

    2. Vertical linearity is measured by the maximum non-linearity component divided by the vertical range.

    Scan Size

    The P-7 is the only system available that offers a 150 mm scan length with no stitching required.

    2D Scanning 3D Scanning
    Maximum Scan Length 150 mm - no stitching required any rectangle inscribed within a 150 mm diameter circle
    Lateral Resolution 0.025 µm 0.5 µm
    Maximum Points per Scan 2 million 4 million
    Scanning Speed 2 µm/sec to 25 mm/sec -

    Scan Flatness

    The P-7 has superior scan flatness over the entire scan length for excellent short scan, long scan, and stress measurements.

    Specification Conditions
    Scan Flatness 20 nm over 0.5 mm scan 1/20 λ, 150 mm optical flat
    30 nm over 2 mm scan
    40 nm over 30 mm scan
    75 nm over 60 mm scan
    170 nm over 130 mm scan
    Bow Repeatability 0.1% 20 m radius mirror
    Stress Repeatability 2.5% with polynomial fit enabled


    The P-7 has motorized X, Y and Z stages. The system includes manual theta stage with stops at 45° increments and optional fine theta adjustment of ±5°.

    Stage Specifications
    X and Y Stage 2 µm repeatability
    Z Stage soft touch stylus null


    The P-7 microhead V offers top or side view optics (user preference), at the highest camera resolution.

    Optics Specifications
    Top View: FoV 1700 x 1400 µm
    Side View (optional): FoV 1050 x 850 µm
    Camera 4.9 MP, colour
    Zoom 4x, digital


    The P-7 offers a full range of styli, plus custom designs:

    Radius Angle
    Standard 2 - 50 µm 60°
    Submicron 0.2 µm > 90°
    High Aspect Ratio 0.2 - 2 µm 20 - 45°

    Vacuum Chuck

    All P-7 systems include a vacuum chuck, with universal chuck design including movable stop and stress pins.

    Standard universal
    Optional solar

    Enhanced Productivity

    P-7 recipes offer enhanced productivity (standard):

    • Feature Detection and Feature Find
    • Manual and single site deskew sample alignment
    • 20 measurement sites with site naming
    • Multi-analysis, correlation scanning, link to Apex
    • Automatic saving, export, printing

    Productivity packages (optional):

    • 1000 measurement sites with site naming
    • Pattern recognition deskew alignment: XY and Θ
    • Site pattern recognition
    • Sequence queue to run multiple sequence recipes

    Standards Compliance

    The P-7 complies with the latest industry standards:

    • CE compliance; EC directives
    • Harmonized safety and electromagnetic standards
    • SEMI S2-0703, S8-0705, S14-0704
    • RoHS compliance for computer and peripherals

    Computer Specifications

    P-7 computer specifications (minimum):

    Processor 3.0 GHz dual core
    RAM 4 GB
    Hard Drive 250 GB
    Access USB and Ethernet
    Software Windows 7 and MS Office
    Monitor 23-inch
    optional secondary monitor


    The P-7 dimensions:

    Height 43 cm
    Width 57 cm
    Depth 67 cm
    Weight 80 kg

    Environmental Performance

    Best results using a solid workbench or isolation table.

    Relative Humidity 30 - 40%
    Temperature 16 - 25°C
    rate of change ≤ 2°deg;C/hr
    Floor Vibration ≤ 250 µ-inch/sec
    1 to 100 Hz
    Audio Noise ≤ 80 dB
    C-weighting scale
    Laminar Airflow ≤ 100 ft/min
    down blowing

    Facilities Requirements

    P-7 facilities requirements:

    Electrical 90 - 260 V
    50 - 60 Hz
    Power 430 VA
    Vacuum 500 mm Hg
    27 liters/min
Product Brochure

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