Materials Testing

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    AT 250
    Measuring on components of large dimensions is possible and not influenced by deflections. The use of the clamping cap and the insensibility to deflection and vibration allows measuring even on large components.
    A portable hardness tester which works with static load according to the Rockwell principle of preload and test load. Able to operate with all kinds of metals without changing the indenter.
    AT 350
    A Motorized execution of model AT 250 with an automatic load application and motorized test head. Suitable for large parts and is usually employed for Jominy automated test process.
    Rockwell hardness tester with reading also in Brinell points (HB 30 standard scales and HB 10 / HB 5 for aluminium and light alloys).
    E-Brio 2
    The Brinell test is of basic importance in many areas of quality control, but often inaccurate readings and long test cycles have a negative impact on productivity. e-brio² is equipped with a new lighting system and new algorithm for indentation edge detection, able to read reliably and accurately on every material and surface, even on rough ones.
    STE/D for Impact Tests only
    An applied force creates an indentation into the surface with a load determined by a calibrated expendable shear pin, which breaks at 1580 kgF (15.500N). The diameter of the resulting indentation is measured by means of a conventional Brinell Scope.
    Eagle 3000
    The Brinell Eagle 300 hardness tester is suitable for laboratory and serial tests.
    The HTD4000 operates by a continuous depth of indentation measurement process while the load is steadily increased. The electronics calculates the hardness based on the displacement, depth, and force applied.
    BRE-AUT 100
    An automatic Brinell hardness tester for high volume testing works according to the standard Brinell loads and penetrators. Measurable maximum height 400mm, depth 200mm.
    Twin X
    A Rockwell automatic hardness tester with direct read out in Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell scales.
    BRE-AUT ATMS 2008
    A completely automatic testing cycle with in/out tolerances selection.
    An automatic universal hardness tester for test methods such as Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers. Particularly suitable for laboratory use.
Items 1 to 12 of 16 total

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