Nano Indentation - KLA

Nano Indentation - KLA
KLA’s nanoindentation systems are the world’s most accurate, flexible, and user-friendly instrument for micro and nano-scale mechanical testing - Now powered by ultrafast and high-temperature nanoindentation capabilities for hardness and modulus measurement, as well as scratch and wear testing on an expanded range of materials.

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    KLA Nano Indenter G200
    The Nano Indenter G200 is the most accurate, flexible, user-friendly instrument for nanomechanical testing. Electromagnetic actuation allows unparalleled dynamic range in force and displacement and measurement of deformation over six orders of magnitude (from nanometers to millimeters).
    InSEM Microprobe Systems
    A tool for characterizing the mechanical properties of surfaces or structures, designed to function with sub-nanometer resolution in an in-situ vacuum environment.
    iNano Nanoindenter
    The iNano nanoindenter is made easy and affordable by offering repeatability, accuracy and precision at a price that puts nanoindentation capability into reach for any lab's budget.
    iMicro Nanoindenter
    When material testing requirements demand flexibility, data accuracy is crucial, and ease-of-use essential, the iMicro nanoindenter consistently delivers. This big brother to the groundbreaking iNano incorporates all the test reliability, user-friendly software and instrument capabilities, then ups the performance with high load nanoindentation.
    By offering researchers the option to use the tool in both in-situ environments and ambient settings, depending on the demands of the experiment, the NanoFlip nanoindenter is designed to be the most versatile mechanical properties testing instrument on the market today.
    The new Gemini system from KLA is the world's first commercial, isometric multi-dimensional instrument for studying the dynamics of tribology and mechanical testing at the nano-scale. The device can measure the interaction of two objects that are sliding across each other - not merely making contact.
6 Item(s)

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