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  • This hardness testing system was the last plant designed for a major industrial group in the Far East for automatic control of train wheels. This includes an important transfer tool which significantly reduces the test cycle.

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Product Overview
  • Automatic high productivity- plant for hardness testing of finished train wheels.

    Hardness meter BRE AUT SOR for automatic Brinell hardness testing of train wheels.

    The hardness testing system in question was the last plant we designed for for a major industrial group in the Far East for automatic control of train wheels.

    The reliability and full sustainability (24 hrs a day) of our systems have made a crucial contribution to our leadership in this specific sector.

    The plant in question is able to perform hardness test of the finished wheels with the help of a lamellar grinding wheel, as you can see in the video clip.

    The transfer tool has a very important significance in reducing the test cycle. The main cart carries two wheels simultaneously - alternately loaded by mechanical arms, the wheels are carried to measuring position and finally positioned in unloading position.

    Based on machining centers technology with a ball screw activating the high speed conveyor table, the transfer tool allows to carry two wheels simultaneously from the loading point and the measurement point below the durometer to the unloading point, allowing the machine to perform a hardness test every 60 seconds with surface preparation.

    The wheel may be measured in three points of the same circumference at a distance of 25 mm between a test and the other, as required by specific regulations in case a test were found to be outside the limits of hardness required.

  • Working Principle

    • Brinell hardness tester according to international standards ISO - EN - ASTM


    • 3000KgF (N 29430)

    Load Time

    • Adjustable from 1 to 30 sec

    Standard Scales

    • HB 30 3000 KgF Ball 10mm diameter


    • Optical reading of indentation according to international standards


    • Industrial PC

    Selectable Functions

    • Load time, tolerances, stats, languages...


    • English
    • German
    • Italian
    • French
    • Other languages on request

    Output interfaces

    • Profibus
    • Ethernet
    • Others on request

    Power Supply

    • 380V 50Hz
    • other voltages on request

    Working Conditions

    • 0-50°

    Working Area Dimensions

    • 7m x 8m


    • Aprox. 9 tons

    Norms and Certifications

    • ISO 6506/1
    • ISO 6506/2
    • ISO 6506/3
    • ASTM E 10
  • ASTM E 10
  • ISO 6506/1
  • ISO 6506/2
  • ISO 6506/3
Product Brochure

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