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  • For automatic Brinell hardness testing of train wheels, including an automatic hardness testing plant, with a transfer tool for moving the wheel from the loading point to the durometer.

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Product Overview
  • Hardness meter BRE AUT MAR for automatic Brinell hardness testing for train wheels.

    Automatic hardness testing plant, including a transfer tool for moving the wheel from the loading point to the durometer.

    The hardness testing plant in question was the second machine we designed for an important industrial group in China for automatic control of train wheels.

    Its reliability and full sustainability (24 hrs a day) have contributed to the diffusion of other machines present in this site for the same application.

    The plant in question is able to perform hardness testing on coarse wheels through milling, as you can see in the video clip.

    The transfer tool is particularly important in reducing the testing cycle. The main cart is moved in measuring position and finally translated reversely into unloading position.

    Meter cycle time, including surface preparation, amounts to 120 seconds per wheel.

    The wheel may be measured in several points of the same circumference.

    In case the measured hardness does not correspond to predetermined tolerances, a second measurement is carried out automatically by rotating the wheel by a few degrees in order to test another hardness point.

  • Working Principle

    • Brinell 3000 KgF


    • 3000 KgF

    Load Time

    • Selectable from 1 to 30 sec

    Standard Scales

    • HB 30 3.000 KgF


    • Automatic through Ernst e-brio


    • Industrial PC


    • English
    • German
    • Italian
    • French
    • Other languages on request

    Power Supply

    • 380V 3 Ph
    • other voltages on request

    Working Area Dimensions

    • 5m x 3m


    • Aprox. 5 tons

    Norms and certifications

    • ISO - EN 10003 and ASTM E 10 for Brinell test
  • ASTM E 10
Product Brochure

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