Materials Testing

Materials Testing
Effective materials testing covers verification of material characteristics for application trials, detection of defects, analysis of failures, improvement of new materials or conducting basic research on the theoretical strength of materials. Our selected range of equipment allows you to perform these tests.

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    King by Ernst Portable Hardness Tester
    The King Brinell Tester units are lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and require only one operator, making them ideal for use as versatile portable units.
    BRE-AUT MAR 2007
    This hardness testing system was the first plant designed for a major industrial group in Eastern Europe for automatic testing of train wheels.
    BRE-AUT MAR 2011
    For automatic Brinell hardness testing of train wheels, including an automatic hardness testing plant, with a transfer tool for moving the wheel from the loading point to the durometer.
    BRE-AUT SOR 2011
    This hardness testing system was the last plant designed for a major industrial group in the Far East for automatic control of train wheels. This includes an important transfer tool which significantly reduces the test cycle.
    BRE-AUT WG BRG 2012
    This Hardness meter is gantry design with CNC milling. The reading is carried out by an optical reading system of the Brinell impression with maximum reliability.
    Automatic hardness tester for the testing of oil pipes. Available in different capacities for diameters ranging from 60 to 440mm.
    Twin TDM DAL 2007
    Rockwell hardness meter for testing line tank hardness with surface preparation.
    BRE-AUT BRE 2007
    Large capacity automatic Brinell hardness tester for testing on large and awkward parts up to 1500mm height and several tons weight.
    KLA T150 UTM
    The KLA universal testing machine (UTM) offers researchers a superior means of nanomechanical characterization. The state-of-the-art UTM T150 employs a nanomechanical actuating transducer to deliver high sensitivity over a large strain. Dynamic characterization captures evolution of mechanical properties such as strain, tensile strength and yield stress. And, The system comes complete with an acoustic chamber and vibration table, outstanding software that offers real-time experimental control and easy test protocol applications.
    BRE-AUT ATMS 2008
    A completely automatic testing cycle with in/out tolerances selection.
    Dynatest SCX
    A portable heavy load hardness tester 100kp (980.6N) allowing testing results comparable to those of a benchtop hardness tester.
    Handy Esatest X
    A portable hardness tester operating according to the principle of hardness determination through measure of electrical resistance.
Items 1 to 12 of 36 total

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