Lab Supplies

Lab Supplies
We are delighted to be appointed UK distributors and representatives for Electron Microscopy Sciences (EMS) ensuring that their products are more accessible to the UK market. EMS specialises in the manufacturing and preparation of the highest quality laboratory chemicals, microscopy supplies and equipment for electron microscopy, light microscopy and histology.

Top products in this category

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    Butvar-B-98 Powder 100 g 11850
    Butvar-B-98 Solution 100 ml 11860
    n-Butyl Acetate 450 ml 11900
    BGE (n-Butyl Glycidyl Ether) 100 ml 12000
    n-Butyl Methacrylate 225 ml 12100
    Acrytol Mounting Medium Pint 1 pint 13518
    Biobond 20 ml 71304
    Situ Mount 30 ml 17988-30
    Biomount 100 ml 17894
    Silver Conductive Coating 18DB70X 15 g 12684-15
    Silver Conductive Paint 503 15 g 12686-15
    Graphite Conductive Adhesive 154 30 g 12691-30
Items 49 to 60 of 3062 total

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