Lab Supplies

Lab Supplies
We are delighted to be appointed UK distributors and representatives for Electron Microscopy Sciences (EMS) ensuring that their products are more accessible to the UK market. EMS specialises in the manufacturing and preparation of the highest quality laboratory chemicals, microscopy supplies and equipment for electron microscopy, light microscopy and histology.

Top products in this category

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    Sample Racks for the SS200 Sample Saver™ 76542
    Agarose LE Powder 87046
    X-Checker™ 80058
    Acetonitrile, Reagent, A.C.S. 10020-X
    Acid Alcohols 26071
    Agarose I 10205-X
    Agar, Powder, Bacteriological Grade 10200-X
    Acetone, Reagent Grade, A.C.S. 10000-X
    Acetate Buffer 11480-X
    Acetic Acid, Aqueous Solution 10042
    EMS MyBlock™ Mini Digital Dry Bath 87025
    Alcian Blue, Certified 25 g 10350
Items 13 to 24 of 3062 total

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