Orange II, Certified 25 g

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Product Overview
  • (Acid Orange 7; Acid Orange II, Y or A; Gold Orange; Mandarin G; Orange A, P or R; Orange Extra; Tropaoelin OOO No.2)

    C16H11N2O4SNa F.W. 350.33 CAS #633-96-5

    Solubility: 3.0% Water; 0.15% Alcohol; 2.5% Cellosolve; 8.0% Glycol; 0.0% Xylene

    Dye Content: approx. 75%

    A general tissue stain with Eosin and Azur-C. French, Stain Tech., 1, 79 (1926). Counterstain for Heidenhain's Hematoxylin in animal histology. A substitute for Orange G if a stronger yellow is desired for contrast. J. Lab. Med., 28, 995 (1943)

Pack size
  • 25 g
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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