mPrep/f Filter Couplers

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Product Overview
  • mPrep System for Speciment Preparation and Grid Staining

    The mPrep System saves you effort while protecting and keeping track of valuable samples. The system features two types of purpose-built, microliter-volume capsules - one for specimens, the other for grids. Capsules attach to standard pipettors, which are used to conveniently deliver reagents in measured amounts.

    Users get consistent sample preparation with almost no direct handling of specimens and grids. Once the tissue or grid is in its own, labeled capsule, you don't have to touch it again during processing. It is safe, easy-to-handle and clearly labeled. The small, enclosed capsule, reduces reagent consumption. The system adapts to any protocol for biospecimen preparation, grid staining or immuno-labeling. Multi-channel pipettors enable users to increase throughput, with virtually no extra effort. Read more to see how these cleverly designed capsules work!

    mPrep/f Filter Couplers

    Filter couplers prevent the introduction of damaging reagents into pipettors. They also improve the fit of mPrep/g capsules on some pipettors. Pack includes 16 filter couplers and a capsule storage box.

    Available in two pore sizes:

    • Standard mPrep/f30: nominal 30 µm pore size filter appropriate for most applications.
    • Extreme mPrep/f13: nominal 13 µm pore size filter for use with biohazards and very aggressive reagents.
Pack size
  • 1 unit

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