Goniometer Bases

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Product Overview
  • These patent pending designs Goniometer Bases are unlike other bases available on market. Goniometer Bases tightly capture the MicroRT™ tubing to allow seamless room-temperature and low-temperature data collection.

    We offer several different base styles that are compatible with our MicroRT™ tubing and with standard cryo-tools, cryo-vials, magnetic goniometer head mounts, and most automating hardware.

    • Base B1 is available in two versions: B1 (with flat ledge) and B1A (without the ledge, for ALS-style grippers used at ALS, NSLS and CHESS)
    • Base B2 is a copper post-style base that accepts 11/12 mm MicroMounts™. Available only with the flat edge.
    • Base B3 is available in three versions: B3 for 19 mm MicroMounts™, with the flat ledge; B3A for 19 mm MicroMount™, without the ledge; and B3S for SPINE length MicroMount™, without ledge.
    • B4 is a 3 mm diameter "brass pin" style base, with the smaller central hole to tightly hold MicroMount™ and an extension to capture MicroRT™ tubing.

    Base B1 – B3 are available in package of 1, 3, 6, and 20. Base 4 is available in package of 20 and 100.

  • Technical Specification for Goniometer Bases B1, B2, and B3

    Materials 416 magnetic stainless steel (B1, B2), copper (B2, B3) and brass (B4)
    Base diameter at bottom B1 – B3: inside: 9.70 mm; outside: 11.95 mm; B4:3 mm
    Dimension of Tubing capture region diameter: 1.93 mm, length: 5 mm (4mm for B4)
    Central hole diameter 0.81 mm
    Central hole bottom-height above goniometer bead B1, B3: 0.043" (1.1mm); B2: 0.358" (9.1mm)
    Height of MicroMount aperture above goniometer head magnet B1: 21 mm for 19mm pins; B2: 21mm for 11 mm pins; B3: 21mm for 19mm pins; 19.7mm for SPINE length pins
Pack size
  • 1 unit

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