EMS Single and Multi Wafer Containers

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Product Overview
  • EMS is proud to introduce our complete line of carriers for either storage and or shipping of a variety of sizes of wafers (Any material) from 1"-6" in diameter.

    The Containers are made from polypropylene and they prevent all types of damage and contamination to the wafer during shipping and even storage. Each of the containers are packed in 1000 class clean room and bag. The set includes the Container , the cover and the spring.

    There is as well a single container that will accommodate a variety of sizes from 4-6" by simply adjusting the silicone supports in the box. These boxes are transparent in color and are made from Anti-Electrostatic Polycarbonate.

    For the Multi Wafer Containers they have a storage capacity of 25 wafers maximum and they come complete with the base and the cover.

Pack size
  • 1 unit

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