Cryo Vials and Cryo Vial Racks, Holders, and Boxes

Top products in this category

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    Assay Plate Freezer Rack 61614
    80-Well Microtube Rack 61603
    100-Well Microtube Storage Rack 61601
    Rota-Rack™ Tube Racks 61604
    4-Way Microtube Racks 61615-00-X
    Cryo Transport Box 62004
    Cryostore® Boxes 61810
    81-Well Microtube Storage Box 61600
    True North Slide Boxes 71485
    Artic Square Freezer Rack 61612
    Slide Box Freezer Rack 61613
    96-Well Reversible Rack 61602
Items 1 to 12 of 43 total

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