Handy Esatest X

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Short Description
  • A portable hardness tester operating according to the principle of hardness determination through measure of electrical resistance.

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Product Overview
  • Key Features

    • A portable hardness tester which determines hardness through the measurement of electrical resistance
    • Permits hardness testing in previously inaccessible points
    • One simple indentation to get all values corresponding to the different loads and on any type of metal
    • USB output
    • Optional statistics software compatible with standard PC programs

    Product Description

    Ernst is officially authorised to provide HANDY ESATEST X with an ACCREDIA (UKAS equivalent) calibration certificate, in accordance with DIN 50158-2.

    The Portable hardness tester Handy Esatest (DIN 50158) has been designed to solve some still unsolved problems in hardness testing. The innovative ESATEST® principle patented by Ernst, works based on the hardness determination through electrical resistance and allows to test in difficult and inaccessible points, unobtainable with other hardness testers. With a simple indentation it is possible to get all values corresponding to the different forces up to the maximum force applied thus allowing getting an indicative evaluation of the heat treatment characteristics. The measurement is not influenced by deflection or bending of the specimen. Handy Esatest X permits hardness testing of all types of metal without changing the penetrator.

  • Working Principle

    • ESATEST testing through electrical resistance


    • Continuous progressive load application with acquisition of load values and electrical resistance in realtime from 1kgf to 10kgf (9.81N to 98.1N)

    Load Application Method

    • Manual

    Standard Scales

    • HV
    • HRC
    • HRB
    • HRA
    • Brinell
    • HB30
    • ZNmm2
    • HRF

    Minimum Measurable Diameter

    • 5 mm - it is possible to execute tests in small cavities with the use of special penetrators


    • On LCD display 80mm x 30mm


    • Up to 1000 memorizable values in 8 different files

    Selectable functions

    • Scales
    • Tollerances
    • Calibration
    • Test load
    • Stats
    • Language
    • Display contrast
    • Sequence
    • RS232
    • USB
    • Files
    • Materials
    • Partial average
    • Clock
    • Auto off timer
    • Prints


    • English
    • German
    • Italian
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Other languages on request

    Working Conditions

    • 10°C-40°C

    Working Area Dimensions

    • 2mm x 2mm


    • Case 44cm x 40cm x 16cm


    • Mechanical part 0.67kg
    • Electronic part 0.78kg
  • Aeronautics
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Naval
  • Railway
Product Brochure

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