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Short Description
  • The inherent stiffness of the TS system imparts excellent directional and positional stability, ensuring a stable and controlled measuring environment.

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Product Overview
  • Key Features

    • Isolates All Vibrations
      Sub-hertz active vibration isolation in all six degrees of freedom.
    • Research-Grade Technology
      Advanced piezoelectric sensory technology providing uncompromising isolation performance.
    • Complete Isolation Performance
      Internal feedback loop damps all mechanical resonances.
    • Plug-n-Play System
      Automatic load adjustment ensures seamless user experience.
    • Real Time Results
      LCD display of real-time vibration levels, weight distribution, and other programmable features.
    • Active > Passive
      Lack of low frequency resonance and being 500 times stiffer means much better performance than passive systems.
    • Simple Integration
      Lowest profile active vibration isolation available (at 3.3" H).
    • Focus On The Research
      No installation or maintenance required, simply plug-and-play!

    Product Overview

    The TS Series is the industry leader in vibration isolation performance and usability, delivering sub-hertz vibration isolation (all six degrees of freedom) in a plug-and-play form factor. The inherent stiffness of the TS system imparts excellent directional and positional stability, ensuring a stable and controlled measuring environment for any sensitive instrumentation.

    With several unique features setting itself a part from competing solutions (e.g. automatic leveling, LCD Display, External vibration monitoring, etc.), the TS Series becomes the perfect solution for users wanting to achieve the best vibration isolation performance available, while not sacrificing on design or functionality.

  • TS-150 TS-140 TS-300 TS-300 LT
    Load Capacity
    Load in centre
    0-150 kg
    0-330.7 lbs
    0-140 kg
    0-308.6 lbs
    0-300 kg
    0-661.4 lbs
    0-120 kg
    0-264.5 lbs
    Size 400 x 450 mm
    15.7 x 17.7 in.
    500 x 600 mm
    19.7 x 23.6 in.
    600 x 800 mm
    23.6 x 31.5 in.
    600 x 800 mm
    23.6 x 31.5 in.
    Height 78.5 mm
    3.1 in.
    84 mm
    3.3 in.
    120 mm
    4.72 in.
    120 mm
    4.72 in.
    Weight 17.5 kg
    38.6 lbs
    28.5 kg
    62.8 lbs
    53 kg
    116.8 lbs
    53 kg
    116.8 lbs
    Isolation technology Highly sensitive piezoelectric sensors in combination with fast and low power consumption force-motors
    Correction directions Active Isolation against all six translational and rotational vibration modes
    Isolation Dynamic 0.7 Hz to 200 Hz, mainly passive at higher frequencies although for good stability the feedback is active to at least 2 kHz
    Transmissibility above ~10 Hz transmissibility <0.01 (-40dB)
    Correction Forces ±8N vertical, ±4N horizontal
    System Noise Less than 20ng/√Hz from 0.1-200Hz in any direction
    Table Top Damped aluminium sandwich construction.
    Also available with tapped M6 on 25mm or 1/4-20 x 1 in. UNC centres, or customized made of aluminium or ferromagnetic steel
    Input Voltage 90-120 V AC, 47-63 Hz
    200-240 V AC, 47-63 Hz
    Power Consumption max. 10 W when isolating,
    max. 20 W during load adjustment
    Safety class 1
    Fuses 2 x 1.6 A / 250 V slow
    located in the power socket on the rear side of the unit
    Protection class IP 20
    Temperature range 5° - 40°C
    Relative humidity 10-90% (5°-30°C / 41°-86°F)
    10-60% (30°-40°C/ 86°-104°F)
    Application Indoor
    Altitude Up to 2000 m (6500 ft)

    Performance Details

    • Active vibration isolation from 0.7 - 1,000 Hz
    • Passive vibration isolation from 1,000 Hz and beyond
    • 90% vibration isolation at 3.5 Hz
    • 99% vibration isolation at 10 Hz
    • 99.9 vibration isolation at 20 Hz and beyond
    • Up to 55 dB of vibration reduction beyond 20 Hz

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