EM Acoustic Enclosure

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Short Description
  • Acoustic enclosure for electron microscopes ensuring maximum protection from disruptive acoustic noise originating from pumps, chillers, and other loud laboratory equipment.

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Product Overview
  • Key Features

    • Designed for EMs
      Modular/paneled design for maximum performance and utility.
    • Leading Performance for Acoustically Sensitive EMs
      Multiple layers of sound dampening material for broad frequency acoustic isolation.
    • Accessibility for Ease-of-Use
      Multiple cable access ports and double-access doors allow for uncompromised access to the electron microscope at all times.
    • Mobile and Removable
      Detachable caster jacks allow for high portability and accessibility when needed.

    Product Overview

    Utilizing a modular panel design, Herzan's acoustic enclosures for electron microscopes provides the most acoustically sound environment possible, while being easy to operate and simple to maintain.

    Each enclosure comprises of numerous variable density layers with carefully chosen high quality components to optimize acoustic dampening performance throughout the broad frequency spectrum.

    Herzan carefully articulates the design of every EM acoustic enclosure to represent the specific needs of each application. Incorporating accessibility and form factor accommodations unique to each lab environment, Herzan's modular and paneled acoustic enclosures deliver a premier solution for a great value.

  • Dimensions

    Internal Dimensions

    • Imperial (W x D x H): 48 x 56 x 80 inches
    • Metric (W x D x H): 1219 x 1422 x 2032 mm

    External Dimensions

    • Imperial (W x D x H): 52 x 60 x 83.5 inches
    • Metric (W x D x H): 1321 x 1524 x 2121 mm

    Performance Highlights

    • 23 dB of sound loss at 100 Hz
    • 37 dB of sound loss at 500 Hz
    • 36 dB of sound loss at 1,000 Hz
    • 36 dB of sound loss at 1,500 Hz
    • 39 dB of sound loss at 2,000 Hz

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