AVI-600 Active Vibration Isolation Platform

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Short Description
  • AVI-600 is an adaptable system ideal for supporting delicate Transmission Electron Microscopes, Fabry-Perot Interferometers, Ultra High Vacuum Systems and tunnel-microscopes.

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Product Overview
  • Key Features

    • Active Isolation from 0.5 to 200 Hz
    • Passive Isolation Beyond 200 Hz
    • Isolates in all six degrees of freedom
    • Internal feedback loop
    • Compact, modular form factor
    • Easy to install and simple to use

    Product Overview

    The AVI-600 active vibration isolation platform helps maximize spatial resolution for hundreds of electron microscopes and other high-load precision research instrumentation around the world.

    The modular and easy-to-install design of the AVI-600 allows for maximum accessibility and cost efficiency to customers requiring sub-hertz vibration isolation performance.

  • AVI 600-S AVI 600-M AVI 600-XL
    Frequency 1.2 - 200 Hz
    Load Range 0 - 1200 kg
    Dimensions 288 x 396 x 112.5 H mm 288 x 720 x 112.5 H mm 318 x 856 x 112.5 H mm
    Controller Dimensions 448 x 286 x 143 H mm
    Isolation dynamic 1.2 Hz to 200 Hz passive beyond 200 Hz
    Transmissibility Above 10 Hz transmissibility < 0,017 (-35db)
    Correction Forces max. horizontal 8 N
    max. vertical 16 N
    Static Compliance approx. 1 µm/N vertical and 2 µm/N horizontal
    Maximum Load 1200 kg
    Weight ~20 kg (single unit) ~26 kg (single unit) On Request
    Operating Temperature 5°C to 40°C
    Operating Humidity 10 to 90% (5 to 30°C) - 10 to 60% (30 to 40°C)
    Safety Class 1
    Power Consumption typically 27W
    Input Voltage 90-125VAC / 200-250VAC
    +/- 10% , 50 - 60 Hz
    Overload 24 LEDs indicate overload in input stages
    Monitor Signal A multiplexed signal for display on oscilloscope shows vibration levels with and without isolation -For diagnostic purpose only-

    Performance Details

    • Active Vibration Isolation from 0.5* - 200 Hz
    • Passive Vibration Isolation from 200 Hz and beyond
    • 90% Vibration Attenuation at 5.5 Hz
    • 99% Vibration Attenuation at 10 Hz and beyond

    *Improved Low-Frequency Isolation Performance Achieved with the LFS System Upgrade

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