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Short Description
  • A portable hardness tester which works with static load according to the Rockwell principle of preload and test load. Able to operate with all kinds of metals without changing the indenter.

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Product Overview
  • Ernst is officially authorised to provide COMPUTEST SCX with an ACCREDIA (UKAS equivalent) calibration certificate, in accordance with DIN 50157-2.

    This Portable hardness tester which works with static forces according to the Rockwell principle of preliminary force and additional force (DIN 50157). With one pressure movement, the preliminary force (zero-setting is carried out electronically) and the additional force are applied. The hardness value is displayed on the large backlit screen as soon as the hand pressure is removed.

    The COMPUTEST SCX can operate with all kinds of metals, without changing the indenter. Starting a test is very easy: just select the desired scale on the keyboard and to apply the force on the instrument. A minimum surface preparation is needed.

  • Working principle

    • Rockwell

    Load application method

    • Manual


    • 5kgf (49N)

    Standard scales

    • HRC (0-70)
    • HRB (0-120)
    • HB30 (80-700)
    • N/mm (260-2300)
    • kg/mm (27-235)
    • HV (35-1080)
    • DPTH (0-100)

    Minimum measurable diameter

    • 2mm with stand N - 3mm with stand T - 35mm by hand


    • on LCD 80mm x 30mm display

    Selectable functions

    • scales, tolerances, calibration, test load, stats, language, display contrast, seq., RS232, USB, files, materials, partial average. clock, auto off timer, prints


    • English, German, Italian, French, Spanish

    Output interfaces

    • RS232
    • USB micro

    Power supply

    • Single phase from 100VAC - 240 VAC - 50/60 Hz with earthing or rechargeable batteries (8 hours duration)

    Working conditions

    • -20C +50C


    • 44cm x 40cm x 16cm (case)

    Working area dimensions

    • Min support area 20mm x 20mm - min support area with stand 2mm x 2mm


    • Mechanical part 670g - Electronic part 780g

    Norms and certifications

    • DIN 50157 is conform to the requested parameters in indirect control on test blocks according to:
    • ASTM E-18
    • ASTM B-724
    • ISO 6507
    • ISO 6508
    • ISO 6506

    Standard Accessories

    • 1x Battery charger
    • 1x Diamond indenter
    • 3x Test blocks
    • 2x Anvils for flat surfaces
    • 1x Anvil for cylindrical surfaces
    • 1x Extension 50mm for inner testing
    • 1x Calibration certificate
    • 1x Operation manual

    Optional Accessories

    • E-Datacapture software for statistics
    • 80 columns printer
    • Printer cable
    • Additional battery pack
    • Scales HB10 - HB5 - HB2,5 for light metal alloys HV high 400-1800 HV low 6-180 and optional scales on request
    • Stand N or T
    • Magnetic support
    • Special anvils can be studied on request
  • ASTM B-724
  • ASTM E-18
  • ISO 6506
  • ISO 6507
  • ISO 6508
  • DIN 50157
  • Aeronautics
  • Automotive
  • Defence
  • Oil and Gas
  • Railway
Product Brochure

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