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Plasma Cleaners

Evactron® E50 Plasma De-Contaminators

The Evactron® E50 Plasma De-Contaminators are high performance, efficient plasma cleaning solutions for SEMs, TEMs, and FIBs. Delivering high power cleaning, the E50 ensure high resolution imaging and probe sensitivity are not compromised.

Evactron® E-Series Plasma De-Contaminators

The Evactron® E-Series De-Contaminators are compact, high performance yet simplified plasma cleaners for Electron and Ion Beam Instruments such as SEMs, TEMs, and FIBs. They provide effective cleaning for higher resolution and contrast imaging.

Evactron® Zephyr™ Plasma Cleaners

The Evactron® Zephyr™ Plasma Cleaners have been specially designed for use with SEM, FIB, and other systems using turbo molecular our roughing pumps. They provide fast and effective hydrocarbon removal without causing sample damage.

Evactron® Easy Plasma SoftClean™

The Evactron® Easy Plasma SoftClean™ combines the Evactron® EP Plasma De-Contaminator with Evactron® SoftClean™ plasma chamber. This creates an easy to use chamber and desktop plasma cleaner and specimen storage system.