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Passive Vibration Isolation

Product Features

Key Features

  • Premium Isolation Technology
  • Contaminate Free Operation
  • Low Profile Design
  • Simple to Set Up & Use
  • Requires Minimal Maintenance
  • Enclosure Integration Options
Herzan Onyx passive isolation table and example images of 3D measurement data generated without and with passive isolation

Premium Passive Isolation

With the Onyx series of passive isolation tables, Herzan provides the highest quality pneumatic vibration isolation performance, starting at 4.5 Hz. Onyx tables are simple to set up and operate, with no risk of contaminates or dependency on specialised hardware. A low profile design minimises footprint requirements, and makes the Onyx tables easy to integrate into acoustic enclosures.

An example of data from a 3D scan produced without vibration isolation, showing considerable interference from external vibration
3D scanning without isolation
An example of data from a 3D scan with passive vibration isolation used, eliminating external interference and improving data quality
3D scanning with passive isolation

High Performance

  • Isolation Starting at 4.5 Hz
  • 90% Vibration Isolation at 6.5 Hz
  • 99% Vibration Isolation past 60 Hz
  • Resonant Frequency of 3 Hz
Transmissibility graph

Pneumatic Isolator Technology

Herzan’s pneumatic isolators feature a simple and robust design, which provide a near vibration-free work surface for sensitive instruments.

Cross section diagram of a Herzan pneumatic isolator

Technical Specifications

Model Dimensions Load Capacity
Onyx-6 W 16" x D 18" x H 2.2" 68 Kg / 150 Lbs
Onyx-7 W 20" x D 24" x H 2.2" 68 Kg / 150 Lbs
Onyx-8 W 24" x D 32" x H 2.2" 90 Kg / 200 Lbs

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Product Data Sheet

Herzan Onyx Series Overview