Zeta™ - Solar Metallisation Optical Profiler

Zeta™ - Solar Metallisation Optical Profiler

The Zeta™ - Solar is a dedicated optical profiler specifically designed for the unique requirements of advanced metallisation finger and busbar solar process metrology, as well as next generation R&D development.



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Key Features

  • High dynamic range (HDR) optimised for measuring ultra-low reflectivity texture
  • Automatic stitching for large Field of View (FOV) areas of busbars and contact pads
  • Improved data visualisation
  • True Colour imaging of 3D solar surface
  • Programmable sample motion stage for next generation 230mm x 230mm solar cell processes
  • Industry-leading repeatability and reproducibility


This new Zeta model leverages advances in 3D imaging technology to simplify the imaging system and improve the cost of ownership to the highly competitive solar cell market. This optical profiler includes XY stage options to accommodate the latest generation solar cells up to 230mm x 230mm, as well as ½ cells and earlier generation solar cells. The software has been developed to seamlessly combine easy to-use Profilm software with the well-established metallisation measurements developed for other Zeta systems. Enhanced measurement mode analysis provides solar industry-specific metallisation measurements. The Zeta-Solar system is the ideal purpose-built metrology tool for end-of-the-line solar process development and process quality control.

Zeta-Solar Finger Analysis for Ag Finger and Ag/Cu Finger

(a) top-down image of Ag finger captured with HDR – evenly-spaced horizontal lines measure height profiles across the surface; (b) finger step height is automatically calculated using cursor pairs to define the texture surface height (red) and finger height (blue); (c) top-down image of Ag/Cu finger captured with HDR, showing Cu particles on the finger; (d) Ag/Cu finger height is automatically detected and calculated using the two cursor pairs.

Zeta-Solar Pad Measurement

Busbars will be replaced by 1x1mm silver pads in 0BB metallisation to reduce material cost and increase the light-absorption surface area. Zeta-Solar implements an advanced measurement mode to characterise this large region while automatically measuring the average height. Left: silver pad top-down image using the 5X objective. Right: 3D topography of the pad measured using the Zeta-Solar 50X objective.

Solar Process Metrology

Zeta optical profilers are the tools of record for measuring critical metrology steps throughout the solar manufacturing and development process: (1) Diamond wire measurement to monitor diamond saw lifetime; (2) measurement of wafer bow and wafer line marks; (3) pyramid measurement of solar texture monitors light absorption/efficiency; (4) metal finger, busbar, printed solar cell measurements monitor conduction capability; and (5) back electrode measurements monitor conduction to the inverter. Zeta-Solar is specifically targeted to measure the metallisation region of steps (4) and (5), facilitating the creation of large-scale solar factories utilising multiple measurement tools.

Large Sample Stage

Measure large format solar cells with the 230mm x 230mm format XY stage that accommodates next generation solar process lines in addition to legacy process lines.

Solar Metal Lines

Automated detection of solar metal line finger and busbar features. Zeta-Solar adjusts the light level automatically using High Dynamic Range (HDR) to capture both the antireflection surfaces and the highly reflective metal line surfaces in a single image that then uses autodetection algorithms for easy reporting.

Zeta-Solar Specifications

Maximum XY Sample Size 230mm x 230mm
Field of View Configurations Minimum 0.15mm x 0.16mm, Maximum 3.0mm x 3.2mm
Measurement repeatability* ≤ 1.0%
Measurement reproducibility* ≤ 1.0%

*Average of 15 measurements on a 50µm height textured step height standard.

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CN Tech's Support Programs will help ensure that your investment is protected, and that you and your instrument’s are always operating at peak performance.

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