Vacuum Tribometer MVT-2

Rtec Vacuum Tribometer MVT-2 comes with a wide force, speed, and test temperature range for analysis of materials properties under vacuum conditions. Unique design with patented force sensors creates data with high accuracy and repeatability. The open face design provides a complete view of the chamber while changing samples. Runs several common friction lubrication and wear tests, such as pin-on-disc, ball-on-disc, and linear reciprocating tests on the same platform. The unique design allows indentation, scratch and tribology tests on the same platform. The vacuum chamber comes in various standard configurations.


Rtec Instruments

Rtec Instruments develops and manufactures advanced mechanical and surface testing and measurement solutions for research and industrial applications. They specialise in combining techniques that provide a unique perspective in material testing. Their testers include tribometer, profilometer, scratch tester, high-temperature indenter, and corrosion testers. Furthermore, their testers provide the most robust and versatile platform in the market for testing friction, wear, adhesion, hardness, roughness, and film thickness from nano to macro-scale.

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Vacuum Tribometer

Key Features

  • 10-7 Torr vacuum
  • mN to 200 N friction and down force
  • Cryogenic cooling from -150°C
  • Interchangeable tribology, hardness and scratch modules
  • Up to 400°C (1000°C) temperature range

Why Vacuum tribology?

Advancement in space, semiconductor, aerospace, and thin films have resulted in several studies focused on material and coating properties under vacuum. Friction, wear, and adhesion of surfaces under vacuum are very different compared to ambient conditions. To develop next generation vacuum compatible components, and materials it is necessary to test them under conditions close to real applications.

Vacuum Test Configuration

Front View (left):

  • A: A Upper Z Gantry - High precision Z stages for closedloop down force control.
  • B: Force Sensor - Patented multi axis capacitive force sensors available across a wide range of forces
  • C: Lower Test Module - Rotary test modules to achieve speeds up to 5000 RPM
  • D: Circulator - Water circulator for thermal management

Inside View (right):

  • E: Linear Stage - In addition to lower rotary drive, the vacuum chamber accommodates reciprocating and linear stages
  • F: Vacuum System - Two stages pump including turbomolecular to help achieve high vacuum in short time. Inert gas circulation also possible.
  • G: Ease of Use - Open architecture design for easy access and sample exchange. Optical port for visualization.
  • H: Data Acquisition, Motion Controller - Advanced high speed, low noise, fast feedback, high data acquisition rate controllers

Environmental Control

The friction coefficient and wear highly depend on environmental conditions. Therefore, tests should occur in conditions close to real application. MVT-2 has advanced close loop controllers to control temperature from -120°C to 400°C on same setup. Temperature can be changed automatically during the test.

High Heat and Cryogenic
Cryogenic to high  close loop chambers. -150°C to 400°C (1000°C)

Environmental Control
Vacuum or inert gas atmosphere for various application

Unmatched Load Cell Technology - Capacitive

The vacuum tribometer MVT-2 comes with patented multi dimension capacitive force sensor. The unique sensing technology provides unparalleled stability and resolution. The wide load range extends from mN to 200 N.

Highest Resolution
High resolution to detect minor difference in test

High Stability
Negligible drifts over long runs and across wide test conditions

High Reliablity
Caliberated to Traceable standards

Wide Test Range

Shown left: 2D Materials Test
Rotary configuration to look at friction values of 2D materials, thin coatings etc.. Nano Vacuum tribology.

Shown right: Vacuum Grease Test
Rotary configuration to look at friction values of bulk materials or lubricated surface. Micro, Macro Vacuum tribology.

Test Data

Data shows coefficient of friction results from vacuum tribometer. The surface treatments were done on two samples.

Sample 1 – the plasma oxide treatment.
Sample 2 – silicon oxide treatment.

  • 10 N force
  • Velocity 4 mm/s
  • Acceleration at 0.1 mm/s2.
  • 10-6 Torr


The vacuum tribometer has several key design features that makes it the only commercial available tribometer to run a wide test conditions on same platform.

Patented force sensor
Capacitive sensors work across a high vacuum range with no drifts or degassing.

Cryogenic to high Temperature control
Close loop temperature controller. Up to -150°C nitrogen cryogenic cooling chamber. Standard 400°C or high power 1000°C heating chamber.

Close loop force control
Real-time  close loop force control during the test.  This allows to create automatic friction vs load and speed curves.

Quick to reach vacuum
Reach 10-7 torr vacuum in 45 minutes. Vacuum tribometer has integrated rough and turbo molecular pumps

Rotary and Linear modes
Rotary speed up to 5000 RPM Linear speed up to 6 mm/s. Additional  Piezo drives for precise motions.

Several Application Modules
Configeration allows to do scratch indentation and tribology test on same platform.


  • Space
  • Aerospace
  • Semiconductor
  • Quantum Computing



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Vacuum Tribometer

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