UNECS Portable High-speed Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

With a compact size, low weight and ULVAC's ultra-fast measurement technology, the UNECS-Portable can be easily transported for quality assurance and acceptance testing applications. The ellipsometer's stage can be detached for measuring directly on large samples.



ULVAC Technologies was established in 1992 as the US subsidiary of ULVAC, Inc. Headquartered in Methuen, Massachusetts, ULVAC Technologies provides Sales and Services to all countries in Western Hemisphere. In addition, this facility is equipped with a class-10 clean-room for process development, customer demonstration and manufacturing of the ENVIRO solvent-free dry photo resist stripper and Compound Semiconductor Materials Etch Systems. Other in-house services include Foundry Etch (for Deep Oxide and Compound Semiconductor materials), Thermal Processing, Materials Characterization, and Vacuum Pump/Leak Detector Repair.

Key Features

  • Low Weight & Compact Size
  • Detachable Stage for Direct Measurement
  • Ultra-Fast Measuremen
  • Robust & Reliable Design
  • Low Maintenance
  • Multiple Wavelength Range Options

Ultra-Fast Spectroscope Ellipsometry

ULVAC have taken ellipsometry to the next level with a unique snapshot technique for measurement. The UNECS range provides high speed, accurate and repeatable measurements in a compact and affordable form. UNECS ellipsometers measure as fast as 20ms per point. ULVAC's snapshot technology is also highly reliable and low maintenance, contain fewer moving or consumable parts than conventional systems.

Portable Ellipsometry

The UNECS Portable weighs only 2.2 kg, and has a compact form factor with integrated carry handle. For use on large or oversize samples, the ellipsometer's stage can be detached, allowing measurements to be taken directly on the sample's surface.

Measurement is ultra-fast, as low as 20ms per point. There are 2 supported spectral ranges, the standard 530nm to 750nm and a visible wavelength spectral range between 380nm to 760nm.

ULVAC's unique snapshot measurement technology is robust and reliable, and easy to maintain. The measurement system contains no moving parts, and only a single consumable part, the halogen bulb light source. This makes the UNECS Portable a dependable mobile solution in demanding environments.

Product range

UNECS Portable High-speed Spectroscopic Ellipsometer
UNECS Automatic High-speed Spectroscopic Ellipsometer


High-speed Spectroscopic Ellipsometer [ENECS Series] Brochure

High-speed Spectroscopic Ellipsometer [ENECS Series] Brochure

If you need more information about ULVAC’s ultra-fast measurement technology, and how it could help your film thickness measurement needs, contact our team today. The experienced technical specialists at CN Tech are happy to discuss your application. Contact us today!