TS-C Series Compact Active Vibration Isolation Tables

For smaller instruments, Table Stable have recently designed the TS C series of compact vibration tables. The TS-C series utilises the same advanced active vibration isolation technology, but features a smaller size, lower weight, lower power consumption, and simplified design. Effective Isolation is provided against all six translational and rotational vibration modes. Ideally suited for compact AFM, STM and interferometry instruments.


Table Stable

The Table Stable Ltd: the world leader in active vibration isolation, and in high resolution, high contrast spectroscopy. Low power piezoelectric technology combined with Swiss quality sets our products apart from the competition.

Key Features

  • Isolates All Vibrations
  • Superior Active Technology
  • Modular AVI Isolators
  • Plug & Play Systems
  • Range of Sizes
  • Automatic Load Adjustments

Sub-Hertz Vibration Control

Table Stable have developed unique active isolation technology, capable of providing sub-hertz vibration isolation (starting at 0.5 Hz) in six degrees of movement. Using a combination of piezoelectric sensors, actuators, and control electronics, Table Stable’s vibration isolators can maximise the performance of SEMs, AFMs and other sensitive instruments. Multiple form factors are available, including plug-and-lay desktop platforms, and modular systems for larger equipment.

Shown Left: AFM image without isolation
Shown Right: AFM image with active isolation

Active Isolation for High Performance

The active isolation technology developed by Table Stable isolates vibrations in all six rotational and translational modes of vibration. Table Stable is the industry leader in low-frequency isolation, able to provide active isolation from 0.5 Hz to 200 Hz, and passive isolation beyond 200 Hz.

The active isolation technology also improves performance between 0 – 5 Hz over a passive system, as there is no low frequency resonance.


Product range

TS Series Active Vibration Isolation Tables
TS-C Series Compact Active Vibration Isolation Tables
AVI Series Modular Active Vibration Isolators
LFS-3 Low Frequency Sensor


Active Vibration Isolation System TS-C30 Instruction Manual

Active Vibration Isolation System TS-C30 Instruction Manual

Would you like to find out more about how Table Stable’s active isolation platforms can improve your imaging and analysis results? Request more information from our experienced team today. We are always happy to discuss any vibration isolation needs. Contact us today!