Tilted Unit

Easy correction of tilted sample angles.



Micro Support

Micro Support is a prominent Japanese company specialising in the precision manufacturing of micromanipulators tailored for precise micro sampling. At the forefront of technological innovation, they have developed AxisPro, a cutting-edge, all-in-one micromanipulator that sets the industry standard for precision and versatility. AxisPro exemplifies Micro Support's commitment to advancing microsampling techniques, empowering researchers and professionals with a tool that offers unparalleled accuracy and control at the microscopic level. With a strong dedication to quality and a reputation for excellence, Micro Support continues to play a crucial role in advancing scientific research and applications that demand precise micro manipulation.

Key Features

  • This tilt unit is perfect for measuring and analysing the thickness of layered samples. It allows easy cutting of films and other samples at any desired angle by using a grip sheet and the milling pro cutting attachment
  • The angle can be finely adjusted in 0.2° increments within ±20°. The stage surface is mirror-polished, measuring 40mm×40mm, ensuring excellent sample adherence. The design minimises deviation of the sample surface centre during angle adjustments
  • It comes with a circular plate, allowing for X-Y directional adjustments while maintaining the fixed tilt angle


Tilted Units for AxisPro TIL-1 The unit for angle adjustment



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