T150 UTM

The T150 UTM has an electromagnetic transducer that functions as a load cell, delivering high sensitivity over a large range of strain. To facilitate the continuous determination of mechanical properties while the specimen is strained, the Continuous Dynamic Analysis (CDA) option allows direct, accurate measurement of the specimen’s stiffness at each point in the experiment. CDA makes it possible to determine storage and loss modulus, as well as to measure complex moduli over a range of frequencies. Applications of the T150 UTM include yield of compliant fibers and biomaterials, dynamic studies of fibers and biomaterials, and tensile and compression studies of polymers.



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Key Features

  • Electromagnetic transducer for high sensitivity over a large range of strain
  • Dynamic characterization mode for measurement of evolution of mechanical properties with strain
  • Flexible, upgradeable and configurable system for a variety of applications
  • Easy test protocol development for real-time experimental control
  • Compliant with ASTM standards


  • Thin individual polymers, metals, composite or ceramic fibers
  • Electrospun polymer nanofibers
  • Polymer films
  • Biomaterials (e.g., spider silk, soft tissue scaffold)
  • Textiles
  • MEMS: Micro-electro-mechanical systems


  • Universities, research labs and institutes
  • MEMS: Micro-electro-mechanical systems
  • Fibers and textile
  • Polymer thin films
  • Biomedical
  • Medical devices

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XP Head

The T150 UTM system has high lateral stiffness, attributable to a two-spring design that supports the indenter transducer so that it is restricted to one degree of freedom: the axis of indentation. The restriction of movement enables the instrument behavior to closely follow the dynamic model. Loads are applied in the micro-Newton range and strain measurements correspond to nanoscale extensions of the sample material. The nanomechanical actuating transducer head functions as a load cell by sending a precise amount of current to the actuator coil so that the specimen lower grip remains centered. Measurement error is reduced by decoupling load application from displacement sensing, so that the measured material response and loading mechanisms are independent.

Continuous Dynamic Analysis (CDA)

The Continuous Dynamic Analysis (CDA) option offers a direct, accurate measurement of the specimen’s stiffness at each point in the experiment, enabling mechanical properties to be determined continuously as the specimen is strained. By measuring both the amplitude and phase relationships between the load and displacement oscillations, CDA can determine storage and loss modulus.

Dynamic View

Visualizing the material deformation and correlating it to mechanical properties can be challenging with micro- and nano-scale tensile characterization. The T150 dynamic view option enables an external camera that monitors the deformation of single fibers during the tensile testing

Nanoindentation Converter Kit

The T150 UTM is equipped with a micropositioner stage, a sample guide that holds the sample orthogonal to the direction of applied tension and aids in the positioning of the upper sample grip. In addition, an indentation kit including an inversion footer is available, allowing the system to be used as an indenter.

NanoSuite® Software Versions

All T150 UTM systems are powered by standard NanoSuite Professional software. The NanoSuite Professional version gives users access to pre-written test methods, including methods that comply with ASTM standards. The NanoSuite Explorer version enables researchers to write their own NanoSuite methods using a simple protocol. Simulation Mode (available with both Professional and Explorer versions) allows users to write test methods and to process and analyze data offline.

Isolation Cabinet and Vibration Table

Isolates the system from vibrations that may impact results for delicate applications. The isolation cabinet is needed for samples with diameters < 10µm, long-term tests or while using the CDA option.


T150 UTM Brochure

T150 UTM Brochure

Quasi-static and Dynamic Properties of Technical Fibers

Quasi-static and Dynamic Properties of Technical Fibers

Continuous Dynamic Analysis (CDA) Option

Continuous Dynamic Analysis (CDA) Option

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