Optional product STEM is an analysis tool used to generate transmission images, on the basis of a table-top ‘Scanning Electron Microscope’ (SEM), by detecting electrons that had been projected onto a specimen in a two-dimensional manner through electron beams generated by an electron gun. This tool allows scholars in the ‘life sciences’ field to observe the information of cells beneath the surface and their structure and, in material science, nanostructures by using its small braille beams and rich luminance.



COXEM manufactures and provides Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), the most widely used platform technology in Nano- Metrology of Nano-scale. As a partner of Nano-fusion technology that changes industrial condition in 21 century, COXEM tries to provide the best quality service. SEM is the precision instrument, can be used for analysing the shapes or constituents of microstructure materials in quantitative and qualitative. SEM is an essential instrument for development of basic science and an indispensable infra for technical innovation, used in chemistry, biology, material science as well as nano-materials and nano-biology.

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