Standard PES Systems

Analytical systems intended for photoelectron spectroscopy experiments in UHV environments, with controllable sample temperature.



Prevac are a world leader in the design and production of analytical and deposit scientific and research equipment. Their systems operate in a high and ultra high vacuum environment. They design and construct UHV and HV systems fully adapted to the individual requirements of research projects and industrial applications.

Key Features

  • Standard solution for most research needs in the field of XPS / UPS / ARPES / AES / EELS / ISS / IPES / LEIPS techniques
  • Full automation of the experimental procedures
  • Vertical or horizontal sample orientation
  • Hemispherical energy analyser EA15 UHV with equipment
  • High-power dual anode X-ray source with monochromator – AlKα & AgLα, with a power supply
  • High-power dual anode, non-monochromatic X-ray source – AlKα & MgKα, with a power supply
  • UV source with a power supply
  • Flood source with a power supply
  • Ion source for depth profiling or cleaning
  • Motorised or manual 4-6 axes manipulator, with receiving station able to achieve from LHe/LN2 to high temperatures up to 1400°C
  • Different sample holders size: from 10×10 mm up to 1 inch
  • Analysis chamber diameter Ø 310 mm
  • Base pressure is down to 10-11 mbar, depending on the pump’s configuration
  • Pumping system (based on the backup pump, TMP, ion pump & TSP)
  • Vacuum gauges with equipment
  • Load Lock chamber for the sample holders
  • Reliable and fast linear transferring system from load-lock to the analysis chamber
  • Viewports – observation windows
  • Bakeout system
  • The adjustable rigid main frame of the system
  • 19“ cabinets with electronic units
  • Fully controlled analysis process & equipment by Spectrium software and PLC unit


The standalone system is suited for the analysis of a wide range of nanomaterials. The systems comprise an analysis chamber together with a load-lock chamber for easy and fast substrate loading. A pumping system combined with the standard volume of the analysis chamber allows for reaching the base pressure down to 10-11 mbar, depending on the pump’s configuration.

The analysis chamber is equipped with connecting flanges in UHV standard for connecting current and future equipment, including:

  • Hemispherical energy analyser with equipment,
  • X-ray twin anode monochromatic source with a power supply,
  • X-ray twin anode non-monochromatic source with a power supply,
  • UV mono source with a power supply,
  • UV source with a power supply,
  • Flood source with a power supply,
  • Electron source with a power supply,
  • Ion source with a power supply for depth profiling or cleaning,
  • Gas cluster ion source with a power supply,
  • Sample manipulator with a wide temperature range (from LHe/LN2 up to 1400˚C),
  • Pumping set (based on the backup pump, TMP, ion pump & TSP with a huge area LN2 shroud),
  • Vacuum gauges with equipment,
  • Entry port for linear transferring systems e.g. from load lock to analysis chamber,
  • Load Lock chamber for the sample holders,
  • LEED with equipment,
  • IPES / LEIPS with equipment,
  • Viewports – observation windows,
  • Residual gas analyser.

The final design and functionality depend on the system configuration. 

A pumping system is a combination of different types of pumps, e.g. forevacuum pumps, ion pumps, turbo pumps, or titanium sublimation pumps with a huge area LN2 shroud, individually selected to achieve the best pumping performance according to specific application demands. 

If needed, the system’s modular design allows combining and integrating with any other research platform via radial distribution transferring solution or transferring tunnel. 

Spectrium analysis control software allows integration and perfect cooperation of a hemispherical energy analyser, and sources of various types, enabling easy recipe writing, automated measuring control and extensive data recording. Allows integrating new additional components based on Tango open source device. 


Photoemission spectroscopy (PES) is an experimental technique and the main variant of electron spectroscopy. The method is based on the photoelectric phenomenon and the analysis of the kinetic energy distribution of photoelectrons. The energy emitted results from the surface sample’s excitation with electromagnetic radiation. 

The PES technique is the most frequently used method of surface testing and examination of thin layers. It provides information: on quantitative composition, atomic bonds characteristics, layers thickness. The basic process (photo effect) measures the emission of photoelectrons as a result of irradiation of matter with photons. 

Includes analytical PES techniques: 

  • XPS – X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy 
  • HAXPES – hard X-ray spectroscopy 
  • UPS – ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy 
  • ARPES – angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy 

Additional techniques: 

  • IPES – inverse photoemission spectroscopy 
  • LEIPS – low energy inverse photoelectron spectroscopy 
  • AES – auger electron spectroscopy 
  • EELS – electron energy loss spectroscopy 
  • ISS – ion scattering spectroscopy 


  • UV mono source with a power supply
  • LEED with equipment
  • IPES / LEIPS with equipment
  • Electron source with a power supply
  • Gas cluster ion source with a power supply
  • Storage chamber
  • Radial distribution chamber, or transferring tunnel
  • Vacuum suitcase (transport box) with a port in the load-lock chamber
  • Residual gas analyser
  • Pyrometer 

Service Support

Comprehensive repairs and servicing

Annual Support Programs

Your metrology instrumentation is a major investment that is critical to your business operation and success. In today’s competitive climate, it is more important than ever to extend the functionality and peak performance of your metrology equipment years beyond the expiration of your factory warranty. CN Tech’s Support Programs will help ensure that your investment is protected, and that you and your instrument’s are always operating at peak performance.

With over 20 years’ experience servicing and repairing you can be assured that your system is in safe hands. The independent services we offer include system relocation, maintenance visits, parts and consumables, and break down interventions.

CN Tech’s Support Programs are an economical way to guarantee optimal working condition:

  • Annual Preventive Maintenance
  • Priority Technical Assistance
  • Preferred Parts Availability
  • On-Site User Training
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • No surprise repair expense and much more!

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CN Tech's Support Programs will help ensure that your investment is protected, and that you and your instrument’s are always operating at peak performance.

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