The ResiScope II is a unique system able to measure AFM resistance over 10 decades with a high sensitivity and resolution. It can be combined with several dynamic modes as MFM/EFM (AC/MAC mode) or KFM single‐pass (AC/MAC III) providing several sample characterization on the same scan area.



CSInstruments is a French scientific equipment manufacturer specialised in the conception of Atomic Force Microscope and options designed for existing AFM (Nano-Observer AFM, Resiscope™, High Voltage Amplifier, Magnetic modules). The product range proposed by CSInstruments is designed and manufactured to help the scientific community to achieve nanometer performances that meet the research needs and requirements for actual and future nanoscience applications.

CSInstruments was founded by a team of experts working in AFM field for more than 20 years, starting as pioneer with some historical manufacturers. CSInstruments activity is also based on a qualified and dynamic team, experienced in the fields of mechanics, electronics and data processing. This expertise ensures innovation and performance in the production of AFM and achieves an excellent price/performance ratio!

Key Features

  • Measure AFM resistance over 10 decades
  • High sensitivity and resolution
  • Can be combined with several dynamic modes
  • Dual measurement system
  • Intuitive software

A dual measurement system

  • Current measurement (& IV spectroscopy)
  • Compatible with Oscillating mode (Tapping / AC mode )
  • Compatible with EFM/MFM or Single-pass KFM
  • Resistance 102 ohms to 1012 ohms (10 decades dynamic)
  • Output information : R, Log R, Current & I/V Spectroscopy

Intuitive software

  • Easy to use
  • Automatic mode selection
  • Configurable outputs
  • Selectable output scale : R | Log R | Current


During the measurement, the DSP chooses in real time the best gain to optimize the measurement made by the amplifier module (HPA). This operating condition allows a very high sensitivity on all the range of resistivity at a regular scan speed (AFM) . Contrary to other techniques, the current between the probe and the sample is strongly reduced. This has the result of limiting the local effect of oxidation or electrochemistry and protecting the conductive probe from high current damage.

Image: ResiScope is a smart real-time control of the appropriate ranges to obtain the best measurement (sensitivity and range). It limits the current through tip and sample is limited to prevent any damage. It is more than a simple linear or Log amplifier used for a basic current measurement


2014: Yves Rocard 2014 Prize (Société Française de physique)

Yves Rocard 2014 prize has been presented by Francis Rocard, astrophysicist who participated in the VEGA Mission (overflight Halley’s comet).

This prize has awarded the « ResiScope™ II for its instrumental innovation and the successful of technology transfer between an academic laboratory and a private company.

Based on the work of the thesis of Olivier Schneegans, in collaboration with the LGEP (Laboratory of Electrical Engineering of Paris), ScienTec – CSInstruments have developed an electrical characterization system with wide dynamic range in AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy).


FIEEC Prize for Applied Research at « Rendez-Vous Carnot 2013

For the third consecutive year, the Applied Research FIEEC Awards were presented at Rendez-Vous CARNOT, on Thursday, Oct. 10th, 2013. These prizes reward research works which, through a partnership with an SME, which helped to generate growth and employment.

The second prize rewards three researchers from the Laboratory of Electrical Engineering of Paris (LGEP) for the development of ResiScope™ II :- Olivier Schneegans Supélec Engineer and Doctor in Physics,

  • Pascal Chrétien, Research Engineer,
  • Frédéric Houzé Supélec Engineer and Doctor in Physics.This work is enhanced by two SMEs:– ScienTec, specializing in the distribution of scientific equipment dedicated to Surface Analysis and Spectroradiometry
  • Concept Scientific Instruments(CSI), SME specialised in AFM instrumentation.Based on the thesis of Olivier Schneegans, they have developed jointly the ResiScope™ II, an original equipment able to produce mapping local electrical resistance (current and resistance of 10 decades) from an Atomic Force Microscope.


Product range

Soft ResiScope Mode


  • Photovoltaic
  • Oxyde characterisation
  • Semiconductors
  • All conductive characterisation


  • Materials Science
  • Life Sciences
  • Semiconductors and Electronics
  • Academics
  • Others (includes solar cells, geoscience, forensic science, and food technology)


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