Filmetrics R54-Series

The Filmetrics R54 advanced sheet resistance mapping systems deliver R50 performance capability within a light-tight enclosure with additional capability to support semiconductor and compound semiconductor applications, including implant and epitaxial wafers.



Filmetrics was founded in 1995 with the mission of making thin-film measurements simple and affordable. Our approach, borne of the microelectronics and software revolution, results in film-thickness measurements that take less than a second - by operators who can be trained in minutes.

Key Features

  • Enclosed system facilitates measurement of light-sensitive or environment-sensitive samples
  • Accommodates up to 300mm round samples
  • Available in Four-Point Probe (4PP) and non-contact Eddy-Current (EC) configurations
  • 15mm maximum sample height
  • Sheet resistance measurement spans a ten-decade range on conductive and semi-conductive films
  • User-specified sample point mapping using rectangular, linear, polar, and custom configurations
  • High precision X-Y stage
  • Smallest EC spot size in the industry
  • Easy-to-use software interface
  • Compatible with all KLA sheet resistance probes

Filmetrics® R54-Series Advanced Sheet Resistance Mapping System

The Filmetrics R54 is the latest innovation in KLA sheet resistance and conductivity mapping systems. The R54 design represents a culmination of over 45 years of sheet resistance technology leadership. Since the introduction of the first resistivity gauge in 1975, the KLA family of companies has revolutionised the measurement of both sheet resistance and thickness for conductive layers.

Sheet resistance monitoring is critical to any industry that utilises conductive films, from semiconductor manufacturing to the flexible electronics required to enable wearable technology. The R54 capabilities are optimised for metal film uniformity mapping, ion implant doping and anneal characterisation, film thickness and resistivity mapping, and non-contact film thickness measurement.

Four-Point Probe Overview

4PP provides a simple and direct measurement of resistance, where a probe consisting of four conductive pins contacts a conductive surface with a controlled force, with a non-conductive blocking layer between the measured conductive layer and the substrate. The standard pin configuration applies a current across the two outside pins and measures the voltage across the two inside pins.

For measuring sheet resistance, the conductive layer thickness should be less than ½ the pin spacing of the probe. KLA pioneered the R54 dual configuration technique that measures the voltage on alternate pins, applying dynamic correction for edge effects and adjusting for pin spacing error. KLA offers a wide range of probe pin configurations for any conductive film or ion implant layer to optimise for surface material properties.

Eddy Current Overview

EC provides a non-contact technique for measuring conductive films. A time-varying current is applied through a coil to produce a time-varying magnetic field that, when brought close to a conductive surface, induces time-varying (eddy) currents in that surface. These eddy currents in turn create their own time-varying magnetic field that couples with the probe coil to create a signal change that is proportional to the sheet resistance of the sample.

KLA’s unique EC solution uses a single top side probe that dynamically adjusts for the probe sample height at each measured point, which is critical to measurement accuracy and repeatability. The EC method is unaffected by surface oxidation and is ideal for softer samples that are not well suited to the 4PP contact method.

Correlation Between 4PP and EC Methods

Whatever the application, KLA 4PP and EC solutions demonstrate over 99% correlation across the entire common range of each method. The Filmetrics R54 methods use KLA industry-leading calibration to ensure measurement accuracy regardless of technique.



Compound semiconductors

Advanced packaging


Flat panel and VR display

Printed circuits

Wearable devices

Conductive materials

Metal Film Uniformity

Ion Implantation Characterisation

Film Thickness/Resistivity/Sheet Resistance

Data Acquisition and Visualisation


Technical Specifications

Application Note Implant Variation Mapping and Laser Annealing Characterization

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R54 Sheet Resistance Measurement Brochure

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CN Tech's Support Programs will help ensure that your investment is protected, and that you and your instrument’s are always operating at peak performance.

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