Profilm3D Optical Profiler

A low cost and expandable optical profiler system with an impressive feature set. Measure surface topography, roughness and step height with sub-nanometre accuracy. The tools support both vertical scanning and phase shifting interferometry.

Profilm3D provides stunning 3D natural color images with every pixel in focus.

The Profilm analysis software provides excellent visualisation capabilities featuring cutting-edge cloud-based ProfilmOnline® web services, Android and iOS mobile applications, and provides flexible data storage, visualization and analysis solutions.



Filmetrics was founded in 1995 with the mission of making thin-film measurements simple and affordable. Our approach, borne of the microelectronics and software revolution, results in film-thickness measurements that take less than a second - by operators who can be trained in minutes.


Key Features

  • Affordable & Expandable
  • Sub-nanometre Vertical Resolution
  • Automated 100mm XY Stage with a long travel range
  • Tip-Tilt Stage
  • Wide Field of View
  • Automated focus with industry-leading long piezo travel range
  • Profilm Analysis Software for flexible data storage, visualization and analysis

Affordable & Accurate Optical Profilometry

The Filmetrics Profilm3D is a low-cost optical profiler system, designed with state of the art white light interferometry technology. Options are also available for phase shifting interferometry. The Profilm3D can produce high-quality surface topography from sub-nanometre to millimetre ranges, and capture infinite depth of field True colour images.

The Profilm3D hardware platform has a comprehensive range of features, and is expandable and upgradeable. An automatic XY stage with 100mm of travel and tip and tilt function is included as standard. An optional 200mm travel stage is also available with the Profilm3DPlus. The Profilm3D also features a 4-position turret, and has an exceptionally wide field of view – 2mm wide with a 10x objective.

Intuitive Profilm & Profilm Online Analysis Software

Filmetrics’ Profilm software is a fully featured and intuitive to use software package for viewing and analysing Profilm3D images. The Profilm3D is also fully supported by ProfilmOnline, a cloud-based software platform providing access to profiler images and data from anywhere – even on a smartphone or tablet. ProfilmOnline can also be used to share images and collaborate on analysing data with other users.

Ceramic Surface

Drag to rotate the Profilm3D image and scroll to zoom. For a more complete analysis simply click here to view it with ProfilmOnline®- a free web-based program for viewing analyzing and sharing images from any 3D profilometer or AFM!

Dicing-Saw Test Cuts

Drag to rotate the Profilm3D image and scroll to zoom. For a more complete analysis simply click here to view it with ProfilmOnline® - a free web-based program for viewing analyzing and sharing images from any 3D profilometer or AFM!

Fresnel Lens

Drag to rotate the Profilm3D image and scroll to zoom. For a more complete analysis simply click here to view it with ProfilmOnline® - a free web-based program for viewing analyzing and sharing images from any 3D profilometer or AFM!

Product range

Profilm3D Optical Profiler



  • Step height: 3D step height from nanometers to millimeters
  • Texture: 3D roughness and waviness
  • Form: 3D bow and shape
  • True Color: Total Focus image of the 3D surface topography
  • Edge rolloff: 3D edge profile measurements
  • Defect review: 3D defect surface typography


  • Universities, research labs and institutes
  • Silicon and compound semiconductor
  • Precision optics and mechanics
  • Medical devices
  • LED: Light emitting diodes
  • Power devices
  • MEMS: Micro-electromechanical systems
  • Data storage
  • Automotive

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Profilm3D Series

The Filmetrics Profilm3D white light interferometer features motorized X-Y and Z stages with 100mm travel and a manual tip/tilt stage. The system supports phase shifting and vertical scanning interferometry for high-resolution 3D surface topography measurements. The Filmetrics Profilm3D-200 white light interferometer includes the same features as the Profilm3D but adds a larger motorized X-Y stage supporting 200mm by 200mm of travel.

Profilm Software Suite

The Filmetrics Profilm software package is comprehensive, intuitive, fast and user-friendly. 3D data operations and analysis functions such as leveling, filtering, step height, roughness, and surface topography analysis techniques are included in the basic configuration. Profilm supports ISO roughness calculation methods, plus local standards, such as ASME. Data from Profilm can be uploaded to the ProfilmOnline platform with a single click for easy, secure data storage and sharing.

Profilm Online Web Application

Filmetrics ProfilmOnline is a cloud-based 3D data visualization and analysis platform developed as part of the Profilm software suite. ProfilmOnline is the place to share, store, view and analyze 3D data, whether you’re on your computer or a mobile device. Apps for Android and iOS operating systems are available and a wide variety of file formats is supported. Data can be encrypted for security.

Objective Lenses

The four-position turret holds objective lenses with magnifications ranging from 5x to 100x, to support nano-, micro- and macro-topography applications. The 5x objective is a Michaelson interferometry objective. The 10x, 20x, 50x, and 100x objectives are Mirau interferometry objectives.


Motorized stages for the X-Y and Z axes are standard on the Profilm3D system. The X-Y stage has a travel of 100mm by 100mm for Profilm3D, and 200mm by 200mm for Profilm3D-200. The Z stage has a range of 100mm. The travel along all axes of motion is programmable. A manual tip and tilt stage are standard with ±5° of motion. A manual R-theta wafer stage is also available on Profilm3D series optical profilometers, supporting 50mm- to 200mm-diameter wafers. In addition, the Profilm3D-200 supports an adapter for holding up to 200mm wafers.

Isolation Tables

The Filmetrics Profilm3D series offers Accurion Nano30 Series active tabletop vibration isolation systems, which use electro-dynamic drive active vibration isolation in all six degrees of freedom.

Step Height Standards

The Filmetrics Profilm3D series includes a custom-designed Cr on Si 10µm step height standard, consisting of an etched step with a chrome coating. A multi-step height standard is also available as an option, featuring 0.1µm, 2µm and 4µm steps.


Profilm3D Optical Profiler Brochure

Profilm3D Optical Profiler Brochure

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