Passive Vibration Isolation

Ideal solutions for creating a vibration-free platform for highly sensitive equipment. Utilising pneumatic vibration control technology, Herzan’s vibration isolation platforms are an ideal solution for surface analysis applications.



Our core strategy is to provide carefully articulated vibration, acoustic, and EMI isolation solutions to the global research community. We are committed to delivering exact solutions for customer research needs, improving the overall performance of our environmental isolation systems, and providing the best customer experience possible for all users. In the end, what is important for us is to have the researcher focus on what matters most: their research (and not their isolation solution). We have been privileged to work with some of the most innovative individuals in the scientific research community and are proud to help advance the research performed by our customers.

CN Tech are the exclusive Herzan distributor for:

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Europe.

Key Features

  • Premium Isolation Technology
  • Contaminate Free Operation
  • Low Profile Design
  • Simple to Set Up & Use
  • Requires Minimal Maintenance
  • Enclosure Integration Options

Premium Passive Isolation

With the Onyx series of passive isolation tables, Herzan provides the highest quality pneumatic vibration isolation performance, starting at 4.5 Hz. Onyx tables are simple to set up and operate, with no risk of contaminates or dependency on specialised hardware. A low profile design minimises footprint requirements, and makes the Onyx tables easy to integrate into acoustic enclosures.

Shown Left: 3D scanning without isolation
Shown Right: 3D scanning with passive isolation

High Performance

  • Isolation Starting at 4.5 Hz
  • 90% Vibration Isolation at 6.5 Hz
  • 99% Vibration Isolation past 60 Hz
  • Resonant Frequency of 3 Hz

Pneumatic Isolator Technology

Herzan’s pneumatic isolators feature a simple and robust design, which provide a near vibration-free work surface for sensitive instruments.


Onyx Series Brochure

Onyx Series Brochure

If you would like to learn more about Herzan’s passive isolation technology, and how it could help improve the performance of your instrumentation, contact us today. Our dedicated team are happy to find the best vibration isolation solution for your application. Contact us today!