Micro-spot Welder

Suitable for welding small electrical wires.



Micro Support

Micro Support is a prominent Japanese company specialising in the precision manufacturing of micromanipulators tailored for precise micro sampling. At the forefront of technological innovation, they have developed AxisPro, a cutting-edge, all-in-one micromanipulator that sets the industry standard for precision and versatility. AxisPro exemplifies Micro Support's commitment to advancing microsampling techniques, empowering researchers and professionals with a tool that offers unparalleled accuracy and control at the microscopic level. With a strong dedication to quality and a reputation for excellence, Micro Support continues to play a crucial role in advancing scientific research and applications that demand precise micro manipulation.

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Micro-spot Welder

Suitable for welding small electrical wires.

Key Features

  • Micro-spot welding system was developed for small wiring like 30μm wire
  • Constant resistance value display enables reliable sample setting
  • Resistance and current values are displayed to check the connection status after welding
  • Output voltage and pulse generation time can be easily set at the touch of a button
  • Clean welding with less dust and spatter can be achieved
  • The welding time can be set short to minimise thermal effects
  • High-capacity capacitor storing energy for pulse current delivery
  • Maximise precision positioning by combining it with a manipulator for optimal results


Control method Digital control by microcomputer
Output voltage 1.0V to 20.0V (can be set in 0.05 increments)
Power source AC 100 V (50 Hz/60 Hz)
Output current Maximum ~200A
Welding time 0.01mS~0.99mS (Set in units of 0.01 mS)
Dimensions W150×H280×D271(mm)
Weight Approx. 3.5 kg


MW-2 Mainbode, AC power cable, foot switch and connecting cable,output terminal connecting plugs (2 pieces)



Micro spot welder offers suitable parameter for 30μm wire welding

  • Sample:Wire
  • Application:Spot welding of 30μm wire


Product Videos

Micro-spot Welder

Suitable for welding small electrical wires.


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