Micro cutting under microscope.



Micro Support

Micro Support is a prominent Japanese company specialising in the precision manufacturing of micromanipulators tailored for precise micro sampling. At the forefront of technological innovation, they have developed AxisPro, a cutting-edge, all-in-one micromanipulator that sets the industry standard for precision and versatility. AxisPro exemplifies Micro Support's commitment to advancing microsampling techniques, empowering researchers and professionals with a tool that offers unparalleled accuracy and control at the microscopic level. With a strong dedication to quality and a reputation for excellence, Micro Support continues to play a crucial role in advancing scientific research and applications that demand precise micro manipulation.

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Micro cutting under microscope

Key Features

  • Remote operation enables accurate and seamless control of the scissors, a task previously challenging to execute manually due to hand tremors’ effects
  • When used with our micromanipulators (AxisPro FC, AxisPro SS, and QuickPro), it excels in accurately cutting microscopic objects like hair and fibres at specific locations
  • The rotational axis can be adjusted offering fine-tuning depending on the object’s condition
  • The precision scissors are detachable allowing easy cleaning and replacement
  • Two release cables are included: one for single-cut mode, another for gradual cut mode

Product Information

  • Fibre cutting
  • Hair cutting
  • Isolation simple it within adhesive sample
  • Micro dissection
  • Micro surgery (Experiment of insects, water creatures and animals)


Micro Scissors MSC-2 Common for left and right (including precise scissors 1pcs, 2 type releases)
Precise Scissors SC-F Exclusive scissors for Micro scissors


Product Videos


Micro cutting under microscope


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