iPLD Systems

An autonomous iPLD station is intended for the production and real-time monitoring of nanostructured layers. It provides a fully automatic process of applying material using laser ablation. Using the station resulting from the project, it is possible, among other things, to create multifunctional, protective and spatial nanolayers.



Prevac are a world leader in the design and production of analytical and deposit scientific and research equipment. Their systems operate in a high and ultra high vacuum environment. They design and construct UHV and HV systems fully adapted to the individual requirements of research projects and industrial applications.

Key Features

  • Spraying of materials using laser ablation in a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Preparing the substrate for applying thin layers by heating it to high temperatures of 1200°C, also in the atmosphere of reactive gases (e.g. oxygen)
  • Pressure stabilisation in a wide range of values: from 5×10-10 to 10 mbar
  • A quick method of characterising deposited layers by integrating RHEED control and imaging
  • Repeatability of process conditions during the production of layers
  • Standardisation in scientific and industrial applications
  • Process and service automation from one software
  • Vertical PLD process geometry
  • EXCIMER or YAG lasers with a laser beam driving system
  • 5 axes, motorised substrate manipulator
  • Different substrate holders size: from 10×10 mm up to 2 inches
  • Six-position target manipulator with an in-situ target exchange system
  • Target holder sizes: 1 or 2 inches
  • Fully automated or manual target and substrate transferring system
  • Base pressure from 1×10-8 to 5×10-11 mbar, depends on the pumping system
  • Pumping system (based on the backing pump, TMP, ion pump & TSP)
  • Vacuum gauges with equipment
  • Quartz balance for deposition rate measurement and thickness monitor, with Z manipulator to measure rate in focus point
  • Load Lock chamber for the sample holders and targets
  • Reliable and fast linear transferring system from load-lock to the process chamber
  • Viewports – observation windows with shutter
  • Water cooling system with integrated blow-off line before bakeout
  • Bakeout system
  • The adjustable rigid main frame of the system
  • A cabinet with electronics is integrated with the frame


The process chamber contains 6 targets with some materials for the deposition on the substrate. The stage is intended for up to 2-inch diameter samples, with a cooling/heating & rotation option. The automated or manual PLD system enables the effortless transfer of targets and substrates from the load lock to the PLD manipulator stations. 

The process chamber is equipped with connecting flanges in UHV standard for connecting current and future equipment, including: 

  • laser
  • substrate manipulator with a temperature range
  • target manipulator
  • ion source with a power supply for cleaning, etching or activating the surface of the substrate
  • pumping system (based on the backup pump, TMP, ion pump & TSP pump)
  • vacuum gauges with equipment
  • entry port for linear transferring systems e.g. from load lock, radial distribution chamber, transferring tunnel, or transport box
  • quartz balance with Z manipulator
  • RHEED/TorrRHEED with equipment
  • motorised or manual shutter (following the substrate) for vicinal layers or masks
  • additional gas dosing eg. for the reactive deposition process
  • viewports – observation windows with shutters
  • residual gas analyser
  • beam flux monitor
  • heated viewports for diagnostic devices

The final design and functionality depend on the system configuration. 

If needed, the modular design of the system allows combining and integration with any other research platform via radial distribution transferring solution or transferring tunnel. 

A pumping system combined with the standard volume of the process chamber allows for reaching the base pressure in the range of  1×10-8 – 5×10-11 mbar, depending on the pump’s configuration. A pumping system is a combination of different types of pumps, e.g. forevacuum pumps, ion pumps, cryo-pumps, turbo pumps, or titanium sublimation pumps, individually selected to achieve the best pumping performance according to specific application demands. 

Synthesium process control software allows integration and perfect cooperation of sources of various types and manufacturers and enables easy recipe writing, automated growth control and extensive data recording. Allows integrating new additional components based on Tango open source device.

The system is equipped with advanced, easy-to-use power supplies and electronic devices controlling and supporting the sources and the whole included research equipment.


The station enables the creation of new materials such as nanomaterials, nanosensors, implants, stents, catalysts, photovoltaic cells, general energy storage, steels, light alloys, composites, superconductors, antibacterial layers, etc. It can be used for biomedical work and in new solutions in micro- and nanoelectronics, optoelectronics, etc.



  • RHEED/TorrRHEED with equipment
  • Motorised or manual shutter (following the substrate) for vicinal layers or masks
  • Laser power sensor
  • Additional storage chamber
  • Internal shield
  • Protection shield against cross-contamination
  • Ion source with a power supply for cleaning, etching or activating the surface of the substrate
  • Vacuum suitcase (transport box) with a port in the load-lock chamber
  • Additional gas dosing eg. for the reactive deposition process
  • Residual gas analyser
  • Beam flux monitor
  • Heated viewports for diagnostic devices
  • Pyrometer
  • Ellipsometer
  • Full control deposition process & equipment by PLC unit and Synthesium software

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CN Tech's Support Programs will help ensure that your investment is protected, and that you and your instrument’s are always operating at peak performance.

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