InSEM® HT Nano Indenter

High temperature nanomechanical testing up to 800°C, with independent heating of both the tip and sample which maximises accuracy and flexibility. Designed for use in-situ in a SEM chamber, the InSEM® HT can synchronise mechanical test data with SEM imaging. The combination of wide temperature range capability and low cost of ownership makes the InSEM ®HT a valuable tool in materials development research programs.



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Key Features

  • InForce 50 actuator with tip heating for capacitance displacement measurement and electromagnetic force actuation with interchangeable tips
  • Sample heating up to 800 °C with 10mm sample-size and vacuum-compatible sample mounting system
  • InQuest high speed controller electronics with 100kHz data acquisition rate and 20µs time constant
  • XYZ motion system for sample targeting
  • SEM video capture for synchronized SEM images with test data
  • Unique software-integrated tip-calibration system for fast, accurate tip calibration
  • InView control and data review software with Windows ® 10 compatibility and method developer for user-designed experiments

High Temperature In-Situ Nano Indentation

KLA’s InSEM® HT nano indenter provides high temperature nanomechanical testing capabilities for use in-situ inside imaging equipment. The InSEM® HT can perform nanomechanical tests at temperatures of up to 800°C in vacuum environments. Independent tip and complete sample heating is used to provide maximum flexibility and accuracy. The complete surface of a sample is heating to maximum temperature, maximising test are and eliminating thermal gradients. Real-world use had demonstrated the InSEM® HT’s results compare well to conventional macro-scale high temperature testing.

In-situ testing can be performed inside the chambers of scanning electron microscope (SEM) and focused ion beam (FIB) instruments from a range of manufacturers., and inside standalone vacuum chambers.

Synchronise Imaging & Mechanical Testing Data

To provide a nano indentation solution that is both simple and powerful, KLA have developed the InView software package. InView provides an elegant software interface, with both flexibility and ease of use. Guided test setups allow users of all experience levels to quickly configure effective mechanical tests. A comprehensive range of tests are available out of the box, with configuration options for custom test protocols also included.

InView provides the ability to synchronise live imaging and mechanical testing data. Real time images from a SEM or other imaging instrument are displayed together with incoming test data, which can also be recorded for later analysis. With InView, it is possible to gain a greater level of insight into tip and surface interactions.

Comprehensive Mechanical Testing Capabilities

To provide the flexibility to suit the widest range of testing applications, KLA’s InSEM® HT is capable of performing an array of different mechanical tests at high temperatures. Hardness and modulus testing (Oliver-Pharr) is fully supported for many materials, including soft surfaces. ISO 14577 hardness testing is included as standard.

The InSEM® HT can also perform high temperature creep measurement and strain rate sensitivity tests, at temperatures up to 800°C. This helps to provide the greatest understanding of the effect of combined mechanical and thermal stressors on materials.

Accurate & Efficient Design

KLA have designed the InSEM® HT to provide fast and accurate nanomechanical testing. KLA’s InForce actuators are based up electromagnetic force actuation and capacitance displacement technology. In an InForce actuator, force actuation and displacement measurement have been decoupled. This allows for actuation and measurement to be independently optimised, maximising accuracy and performance. The InForce actuators also have high stiffness and vertical stability, and offer the best calibration stability available.

The InSEM® HT stage features a high frame stiffness, which concentrates deformation in the sample, improving accuracy and resolution. High precision linear optical encoders on the sample stage allow for precise sample targeting.

Product range

NanoFlip® Nano Indenter
InSEM® HT Nano Indenter


  • High temperature testing
  • Hardness and modulus measurements (Oliver-Pharr)
  • Continuous stiffness measurement
  • High speed material property maps
  • Creep measurement
  • Strain rate sensitivity


  • Universities, research labs and institutes
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Hard coatings
  • Nuclear energy
  • Military/defense


Continuous Stiffness Measurement (CSM)

The CSM technique involves oscillating the probe during indentation to measure properties as a function of depth, force, time, or frequency. The option comes with a constant strain rate experiment that measures hardness and modulus as a function of depth or load, which is the most common test method used across academia and industry. CSM is also used for other advanced options, including the ProbeDMA™ method for storage and loss modulus measurements and AccuFilm™ substrate-independent measurements. The CSM is integrated into the InQuest controller and InView software to deliver unparalleled ease of use and data quality.

Gemini 2D Multi-Axis Transducer

The Gemini 2D multi-axis technology brings the same performance of standard indentation to a second lateral axis, with the CSM operating along both axes simultaneously. The additional information provided by this patented technique helps give new insight to material properties and failure mechanisms. The two-dimensional force transducer is a unique solution in lateral force and tribology measurements, and enables measurements of Poisson’s ratio, coefficient of friction, scratch, wear, shear and topology.

NanoBlitz 3D

NanoBlitz 4D utilizes the InForce 50 Actuator to generate 4D maps of measurements for both low-E/H and high-E (>3GPa) materials with a Berkovich tip. NanoBlitz performs indents at 5-10s per indent, up to 10,000 indents (30×30 array), and provides Young’s modulus, hardness, stiffness as a function of depth for each indent in the array. NanoBlitz 4D utilizes a constant strain rate method, and also provides visualization software and data handling capabilities.

AccuFilm™ Thin Film Method Pack

The AccuFilm™ Thin Film Method Pack is an InView test method based on the Hay-Crawford model for measuring substrate-independent material properties using Continuous Stiffness Measurement (CSM). AccuFilm™ corrects for substrate influence on film measurements for hard films on soft substrates as well as soft films on hard substrates.

ProbeDMA™ Polymer Method Pack

The Polymer Pack enables measurement of the complex modulus of polymers as a function of frequency. The pack includes a flat-punch tip, a viscoelastic reference material, and a test method for evaluation of viscoelastic properties. This measurement technique is key to characterizing nanoscale polymers and polymer films that are not well-served by traditional DMA test instruments.

Scratch and Wear Testing Method Pack

The scratch and wear testing method pack is provided with the InForce 50 actuator. Scratch testing involves the application of either a constant or ramped load to an indenter while moving across the sample surface at a specified velocity. Scratch testing allows characterization of numerous material systems, such as thin films, brittle ceramics, and polymers.


DataBurst enables systems equipped with InView software and the InQuest controller to record displacement data at rates >1kHz for measuring high strain step loads, pop-in and other high speed events. NanoFlip systems outfitted with the User Method Development option can also modify methods to work with DataBurst.

User Method Development for InView Control Software

InView offers an extremely powerful and intuitive experiment-scripting platform that can be used for designing novel or complex experiments. Experienced users can set up and perform virtually any small-scale mechanical test with the NanoFlip. KLA exclusively offers this capability.

True Test I-V Electrical Measurements

The I-V option for the NanoFlip nanoindenter is controlled through InView software and utilizes a precision ammeter and voltage source, a through-tip electrical path using the InForce 50/1000 actuator, and a conductive tip. This design allows the user to apply specific voltages to a sample and measure the current at the tip while simultaneously operating the InForce actuator.

Indenter Tips and Calibration Samples

A wide variety of sharp indenters are available, such as Berkovich, cube corner and Vickers, as well as flat punches, sphere punches, and other geometries. Standard reference materials and calibration standards are also available for the entire product line.

NanoBlitz 4D

NanoBlitz 4D utilizes the InForce 50 Actuator to generate 4D maps of measurements for both low-E/H and high-E (>3GPa) materials with a Berkovich tip. NanoBlitz performs indents at 5-10s per indent, up to 10,000 indents (30×30 array), and provides Young’s modulus, hardness, stiffness as a function of depth for each indent in the array. NanoBlitz 4D utilizes a constant strain rate method, and also provides visualization software and data handling capabilities.


High Temperature Nanoindentation Creep Measurements of Al1100

High Temperature Nanoindentation Creep Measurements of Al1100

Effect of Annealing on 50nm Gold Films

Effect of Annealing on 50nm Gold Films

If you would like to learn more about the high-temperature nanomechanical testing capabilities provided by KLA’s InSEM® HT, contact our experienced technical team today. We would be happy to discuss your materials testing requirements in greater detail. Contact us today!