Indentation and Scratch Tester SMT-5000

ISO compliant instrumented Indentation and scratch tester. Combined with an in-line 3D profiler and film thickness probe for comprehensive surface analysis.


Rtec Instruments

Rtec Instruments develops and manufactures advanced mechanical and surface testing and measurement solutions for research and industrial applications. We specialise in combining techniques that provide a unique perspective in material testing. Our testers include tribometer, profilometer, scratch tester, high-temperature indenter, and corrosion testers. Furthermore, our testers provide the most robust and versatile platform in the market for testing friction, wear, adhesion, hardness, roughness, and film thickness from nano to macro-scale.


Key Features

  • Unique combination of indentation, scratch, profilometer, film thickness testing on one automatic platform
  • Patented piezo and capacitive sensor technology
  • Patented image correlation between scratch data and 3D images
  • Nano, micro indentation and scratch tests on same platform using fast exchange heads

Indentation & Scratch Tester SMT-5000

The Surface Mechanical Tester SMT-5000 is a versatile instrument. It merges the ability to measure mechanical properties, such as hardness, modulus, scratch adhesion, film thickness, in addition to surface roughness and many others. All this power is consolidated in one single platform. To that end, the IST module provides both indentation and scratch. Combining piezo actuation and capacitive sensing technologies, the IST brings the highest precision measurements from nano to micro ranges.

Besides the IST module, the SMT 5000 incorporates spectral reflectance film thickness with 3D profilometry and environmental modules. All these capacities cater to demanding engineers and researchers in many fields.

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A Surface Material Tester Like No Other

Customize the SMT-5000 To Fit Your Needs

A) Combination of Indentation and Scratch Module
The IST module combines indentation and scratch testing capabilities in one single module.

B) Patented In-line Profilometer
3D profiler automatically combines high resolution surface topography and scratch data.

C) Lower automated XY Stage
The high precision cross-roller XY stage yields smooth and very accurate test positioning. Instrumented Indentation.

D) Non Destructive Film Thickness
Based on spectroscopic reflectance film thickness measurement (FT-100) module provides a super fast and direct non contact film measurement.

E) Upper Z Structure
High precision multiple Z drives with high resolution encoders to move testing and inspection modules.

F) Platform
Open platform architecture for superior modular testing and ease of use.

Instrumented Indentation

Automatic load and displacement curves, Hardness (Traditional and instrumented) , Elastic Modulus, Creep and many more calculations.
  • Easily interchangeable modules covering multiple load ranges from mN to 200 N.
  • Unmatched performance with patented capacitive sensor technology.
  • Berkovich, Vickers, Spherical, Cube Corner, Knoop, various diamond indenter tips, and more.
  • Standard Vickers hardness or other traditional micro indentation scales.

Scratch Testing

Characterise coating adhesion, scratch resistance, scratch hardness and more.

Automatic Stitching of In-line 3D Images

Scratch Data Visualization. Complete failure analysis and correlation to scratch data.

The complete 3D image of the scratch is obtained via automatic post-test imaging. The critical loads are easily positioned on the 3D panorama. In addition to the critical loads, the typical measurements enabled by this 3D imaging include scratch volume, penetration, residual deformation, roughness, and volume wear.

Load Profile and Custom Motions

Load Profiles: constant, linear or user defined load profiles. The applied normal force and resulting friction forces measured using precise NIST traceable sensors.

Left Image: Indentation With Rockwell Tip


Versatile XY Stage: The automatic  XY stage can perform multiple scratch on single or multiple samples automatically. Scratch tests can be customize to achieve any motion profile such as straight, curved, circle, zigzag, and more.

Right Image: Scratch With Cutting Tool

Non Destructive Film Thickness Measurement

Ultra fast coating thickness determination

The film thickness measurement module uses spectral reflectance to obtain the thickness of a coated surfaces.

  • Extensive materials library (500+).
  • Real-time, one-click measurement and analysis of thickness, n&k and roughness measurement.
  • Ease of use, no expert knowledge required.
  • Powerful analysis package scaling correction, multi-sample measurement, dynamic measurement.

Patented Integrated Four Mode Profilometer

The profilometer is optimized to image scratch and indentation marks with high resolutions.  Automatic multiple imaging modes selection  to image any sample surface – transparent, glass, mirror, rough, smooth, steep slope, and much more with ease.

A) Dark Field Mode
Allows detection of cracks at the surface with notable contrast.

B) White Light Interferometer Mode
Allows high resolution images of flat surfaces.

C) Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope Mode
Measures steep slopes  transparent dark or rough surfaces.

D) Bright Field Mode
2D profiles with high resolution and real colors.

Sensors and Chambers

Application specific solutions
Environmental chambers and a variety of sensors create numerous test variations that replicate real-life scenarios.

  • Electrical Contact Resistance Identifies the coating failure point via the measure of the electrical resistance change during the scratch.
  • Acoustic Emission Identifies brittle material failures by measuring the shock vibrations during the scratch.
  • Corrosion Setup Allows scratch corrosion studies.
  • Environmental Chambers Temperature Humidity and More.
  • Additional Sensors Various sensors on coating scratch adhesion tester provides more information during the test.

Correlation of Deformation, Failure, and Surface Morphology Data

Pre & Post Test Image
Automatic surface deformation assessment with the comparison of before and after 3D images of the surface.

Scratch Test
Single or multiple scratches can be performed using predefined recipes.

Continuous Cross Profiler Analysis
Cross profiles measurements are available anywhere along the scratch.

A simple and customizable report is generated with 3D images correlated to scratch data. Moreover each critical load is presented with separate zoomed images. Additionally other measures such as friction roughness residual depth volume wear and permanent deformation are also provided.

Product range

3D Scratch Tester UST-2
Indentation And Scratch Tester SMT-5000


  • Cohesion And Adhesion Of Hard Coatings
  • Clear Coat And Paint Testing
  • Scratch Resistance of Strengthened Glass
  • Scratch Testing of Thermal Spray Coatings
  • Wear Resistance of Screen Protector Tempered Glass


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Bio-materials
  • Ceramics
  • Hard Coating
  • Metal
  • Optics and Glasses
  • Pharmaceutical
  • PolymerSemicon


Indentation And Scratch Tester SMT-5000 Brochure

Indentation And Scratch Tester SMT-5000 Brochure

If you would like to learn more about the Indentation And Scratch Tester SMT-5000, contact our experienced technical team today. We would be happy to help you find the right profilometry solution for your needs. Contact us today!