Force Modulation Mode

Force modulation mode is a mode of contact AFM. A mechanical oscillation is applied to the tip during the scan. A map of mechanical properties is carried out by measuring the amplitude of oscillation and the offsets of the phase signal.



CSInstruments is a French scientific equipment manufacturer specialised in the conception of Atomic Force Microscope and options designed for existing AFM (Nano-Observer AFM, Resiscope™, High Voltage Amplifier, Magnetic modules). The product range proposed by CSInstruments is designed and manufactured to help the scientific community to achieve nanometer performances that meet the research needs and requirements for actual and future nanoscience applications.

CSInstruments was founded by a team of experts working in AFM field for more than 20 years, starting as pioneer with some historical manufacturers. CSInstruments activity is also based on a qualified and dynamic team, experienced in the fields of mechanics, electronics and data processing. This expertise ensures innovation and performance in the production of AFM and achieves an excellent price/performance ratio!

Key Features

  • Study of mechanical properties
  • Elastic and viscoelasticity mapping
  • High sensitivity of the phase signals and amplitude


Elastic and viscoelasticity mapping

Force Modulation Microscopy reveals information about a sample’s mechanical properties. This mode is useful for materials with nonuniform mechanical properties.


  • Study of mechanical properties
  • Plastic and viscoelasticity mapping
  • High sensitivity of the phase signals and amplitude

Associated modes

  • Conductive AFM  
  • ResiScope  
  • Force Modulation  
  • MFM Mode  

Force Modulation Mode Probes

Top image: FORT

Middle image: HYDRA-ALL

Bottom image: CM12/28, FM60, FORTC

Product range

Soft Intermittent Contact

Contact Mode

ResiScope Mode

Conductive AFM Mode

Force Modulation Mode

Piezoresponse Force Microscopy Mode

Oscillating Mode

Electric Force Microscopy Mode

Magnetic Force Microscopy Mode

VMFM – Variable Magnetic Field Module

Thermal Measurements AFM


  • Semiconductor
  • Polymer
  • Nanotubes
  • Organic materials
  • Nanostructure


  • Materials Science
  • Life Sciences
  • Semiconductors and Electronics
  • Academics
  • Others (includes solar cells, geoscience, forensic science, and food technology)


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