F54-XY-200 Series Automatic Thin Film Mapping Analyser

Thin-film thickness on samples up to 200mm by 200mm is easily mapped with the F54-XY-200 advanced spectral reflectance system. The motorised X-Y stage moves automatically to specified measurement locations, facilitating thickness measurements as quickly as two points per second. Choose one of the dozens of predefined polar, rectangular, or linear map patterns, or create your own with no limit on the number of measurement points.



Filmetrics was founded in 1995 with the mission of making thin-film measurements simple and affordable. Our approach, borne of the microelectronics and software revolution, results in film-thickness measurements that take less than a second - by operators who can be trained in minutes.


Key Features

  • Intuitive Analysis Software
  • 1.5mm to 150μm Spot Size
  • Large Material Reference Library
  • Wide Spectrometer Wavelength Range
  • Measures up to 2 Points per Second
  • Maximum 200mm Sample Diameter

Automatic Film Thickness Mapping

Filmetrics’ F54 series of automatic film thickness mappers are simple to use, and provide fast, accurate results. Able to measure up to 2 points a second, the F54 series are highly efficient, able to produce even large maps in a short time period. Automatic mapping produced with a motorised R-Theta stage, supporting samples up to 200mm in diameter, and designed to be reliable and robust.

Numerous thickness maps a predefined, including polar, rectangular, and linear map patterns. Users can also configure custom maps, with no limit on the number of measurement points. The F54 platform is simple to set up and intuitive to use, requiring little user training.

Visualise Thickness in 2D & 3D with FILMapper

To make film thickness mapping fast and easy, Filmetrics have developed the FILMapper software package. The built-in material reference library includes over 130 materials, with thousands of additional materials available. FILMapper has a selection of film thickness map types preconfigured, and operators can also set up custom maps. Map shape and pattern, centre or edge exclusion, and spot density can all be customised. Thickness amps can be viewed in fully-rotatable 3D, providing the best possible visualisation of samples.

For each film thickness analysis tool, Filmetrics provides a comprehensive support package. This includes 24-hour online assistance, diagnostics and applications support.

Model Specifications

Thickness and Wavelength Range

Model Specifications

Wavelength Range

What’s Included

  • Integrated spectrometer/light source unit
  • FILMapper measurement software
  • SiO2 on Si Thickness standard
  • Integrated Silicon reflectance standard
  • Vacuum pump
  • Spare TH-1 lamp

Additional Perks

  • Library with over 130 materials included with every system, along with access to 100s more
  • Applications Engineers available for immediate 24-hour assistance (Mon-Fri)
  • Online "Hands On" support
  • Hardware upgrade program

Product range



NIST-traceable thickness standard

Do you need more information about the Filmetrics F54 series of automatic film thickness mappers? Contact the experienced CN Tech team today and discuss your film thickness needs today. We would be happy to help you find the ideal film thickness solution for your application.