F3-sX Series Single Spot Thin Film Analyser

Overcome difficulties measuring thick semiconductor and dielectric layers up to 3mm thick, with Filmetrics’ high-speed measurement technology. Using a spot size of 10µmm the F3-sX series can handle measurements impossible with other instruments. Measurement rates of up to 1 kHz also make the F3-sX a top choice for many in-line applications (e.g. roll-to-roll processes).



Filmetrics was founded in 1995 with the mission of making thin-film measurements simple and affordable. Our approach, borne of the microelectronics and software revolution, results in film-thickness measurements that take less than a second - by operators who can be trained in minutes.


Key Features

  • Easy to Use Analysis Software
  • 10µm spot size
  • Large Material Reference Library
  • Wide Spectrometer Wavelength Range
  • Measures in Under a Second
  • Modular & Expandable

Fast & Accurate Film Measurement for Thick Layers

Filmetric’s F3-sX Series of film measurement systems have been designed to measure challenging semiconductor and dielectric layers up to 3mm thick. The F3-sX system is able to measure such thick layers quickly and accurately by using a 10µm spot size. With Filmetrics’ advanced measurement technology, accurate measurements can be made in under a second. A variety of models are available, covering different thickness ranges.

The F3-sX Series users near infrared (NIR) light to perform thickness measurements, which allows measurements of materials opaque to the naked eye. A wide selection of accessories are available to enhance the systems’ capabilities. Each Filmetrics system also come with a comprehensive support package, including online technical and applications assistance.

Software Designed with users in Mind

With Filmetrics’ FILMeasure software package, film measurement is easer than ever before. Simple and easy to use, FILMeasure is quick to learn, even for inexperienced users. A reference library of over 130 materials is included as standard, with thousands more also available. New materials can be added to the library by measuring their refractive index values.

Measurement recipes can be programmed and secured, to make repeated measurement processes easy. This helps ensure reliability of repeated measurement, such as in quality control applications.

Model Specifications

Thickness and Wavelength Range

Model Specifications

Wavelength Range

What’s Included

  • Integrated spectrometer/light source unit
  • Single-spot measurement stage with 10µm spot size
  • FILMeasure 9 software
  • Si reflectance standard
  • FILMeasure standalone software for remote data analysis

Additional Perks

  • Library with over 130 materials included with every system, along with access to 100s more
  • Online "Hands On" support
  • Applications Engineers available for immediate 24-hour assistance (Mon-Fri)
  • Hardware upgrade program

Product range



Thickness-Measurement software upgrade



If you need more information on the unique thick layer measurement capabilities of Filmetrics’ F3-sX Series, contact us today to discuss your requirements. Our team of technical experts can help you find the right thin film analysis system. Contact us today!