F20 Series Single Spot Thin Film Analyser

General purpose desktop thin-film measurement tools with industry-leading film measurement technology. Simple and efficient to operate, with measurements taken in under a second. Thickness, refractive index, reflectance, and transmittance measurements are all supported. The F20 connects to the USB port of your Windows® computer and sets up in minutes.



Filmetrics was founded in 1995 with the mission of making thin-film measurements simple and affordable. Our approach, borne of the microelectronics and software revolution, results in film-thickness measurements that take less than a second - by operators who can be trained in minutes.


Key Features

  • Intuitive Analysis Software
  • 1.5mm to 20μm Spot Size
  • Large Material Reference Library
  • Wide Spectrometer Wavelength Range
  • Measures in Under a Second
  • Modular & Expandable

Comprehensive Film Measurement

The F-20 Series of desktop film thickness measurement tools provide comprehensive capabilities for general purpose film measurement. Simple and easy to use, Filmterics’ measurement technology is also fast, measuring thickness and refractive index in under a second. The F-20 Series is available with a variety of thickness ranges to suit a wide range of measurement applications.

A wide range of accessories are available to customise the F-20’s capabilities. Every Filmetrics measurement system also comes with access to Filmetrics’ comprehensive technical and applications support, including online assistance.

Software Designed with users in Mind

To make film measurement as easy and straightforward as possible, Filmetri’cs have developed the FILMeasure software package. FILMeasre is simple and easy to use, making film measurement fast and intuitive. A library over 130 materials is included, with thousands more also available. The refractive index values of new materials can also be measured and stored, and Filmetrics’ technical support can assist with setting up new and novel materials.

For repeated measurement processes, such as quality control applications, recipes can be programmed and secured. This helps ensure reliability of repeated measurement and safeguard against user error.

Model Specifications

Thickness and Wavelength Range

Model Specifications

Wavelength Range

What’s Included

  • Flattening filter (for highly-reflective substrates)
  • Integrated spectrometer/light source unit
  • FILMeasure 9 software
  • FILMeasure standalone software for remote data analysis
  • SS-3 sample stage with fiber optic cable
  • Reflectance standards
  • Thickness standard
  • Spare TH-1 lamp

Additional Perks

  • Library with over 130 materials included with every system, along with access to 100s more
  • Applications Engineers available for immediate 24-hour assistance (Mon-Fri)
  • Online "Hands On" support
  • Hardware upgrade program

Product range





Multi-value thickness standard

Carrying case

Contact probe

NIST-traceable thickness standard


F20 Series Single Spot Thin Film Analyser Brochure

F20 Series Single Spot Thin Film Analyser Brochure

Do you have a requirement for desktop thin film analysis? Contact us today and discuss your application with our dedicated team of technical experts. We would be happy to help find the right Filmetrics thin film measurement system for your needs. Contact us today!