Evactron® Easy Plasma SoftClean™

Easily clean and safely store samples by combing and Evactron® EP remote Plasma De-Contaminator with the SoftClean™ desktop plasma chamber. The SoftClean™ System provides a simple and dedicated way to clean samples.


Evactron Plasma Cleaning by XEI Scientific

XEI Scientific, Inc. is the recognised leader in downstream plasma cleaning. The Evactron® Plasma De-Contaminator™ is an RF plasma cleaner that reduces hydrocarbon contamination in vacuum chambers. This significantly improves electron microscope imaging and analytical performance. Evactron plasma cleaners can also be used as an in-situ solution for cleaning EUV and X-ray optics as well as SEM and TEM samples. The Evactron De-Contaminator plasma cleaner can be installed on most vacuum chambers and electron microscopes. Controllers in rack mounted or tabletop configurations are available.

Key Features

  • Cleans SEM & TEM Samples
  • Cleans TEM Grids & Rods
  • Inert Environment for Sample Storage
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Optional Safar Side Loaders Removable SEM
  • Removable SEM Compatible Plasma Source

SoftClean™ System

The SoftClean™ System from Evactron® provides a simple and effective way to clean and safely store delicate samples, by combing an Evactron® Plasma De-Contaminator with a desktop plasma chamber. The SoftClean™ System features 3 cleaning ports for TEM sample rods, centrally located to allow for simultaneous and uniform cleaning. SEM samples can also be loaded via a top-lifting lid. Together with cleaning, the SoftClean™ chamber can be used to safely stored samples an inert and contamination-free environment.

The Evactron EP Plasma Decontaminator can be easily detached from the SoftClean™ chamber, and mounted to SEM, TEM, and Fib instruments for instrument chamber cleaning. This makes the SoftClean™ System highly versatile, able to take on multiple roles in the lab.

Sample Cleaning

The quality of imaging and analysis data will be significantly degraded if samples and instruments are decontaminated with hydrocarbons. The plasma decontamination technology from Evactron provides an effective and easy to use solution for removing contamination from samples. No complex processing required, and there is no risk of sample damage. Evactron’s technology is based on using RF plasma to chemically etch and remove hydrocarbons, organics, and surface carbon.

Shown Left: Sample with contamination
Shown Right: Sample cleaned with Evactron®

Product range

Evactron® E50 Plasma De-Contaminators
Evactron® E-Series Plasma De-Contaminators
Evactron® Zephyr™ Plasma Cleaners
Evactron® Easy Plasma SoftClean™



  • Capacity for up to 3 TEM stage rods
  • Optional Safar side loaders for safe loading of TEM rods
  • No dedicated gases required for oxygen radicals production
  • Alternate gases can be used
  • Vacuum safety interlock
  • KF 40 vacuum mounting flange
  • Touch screen tablet interface with Bluetooth communication
  • RF Power: 10-20 Watts at 13.56 MHz
  • 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz input
  • SoftClean™ Chamber dimensions 140cm × 216 cm (D x H)

If you need more information about the Evactron® Easy Plasma SoftClean™ system, or would like to discuss the best method of cleaning your samples, please contact us today. Our experienced team is happy to help. Contact us today!