Evactron® E50 Plasma De-Contaminators

High performance, power, and efficient plasma cleaning for SEM, TEM, and FIB instrumentation. Fast, effective, and powerful cleaning over a wide range of pressures helps guarantee quality high-resolution imaging and instrument sensitivity.



Evactron Plasma Cleaning by XEI Scientific

XEI Scientific, Inc. is the recognised leader in downstream plasma cleaning. The Evactron® Plasma De-Contaminator™ is an RF plasma cleaner that reduces hydrocarbon contamination in vacuum chambers. This significantly improves electron microscope imaging and analytical performance. Evactron plasma cleaners can also be used as an in-situ solution for cleaning EUV and X-ray optics as well as SEM and TEM samples. The Evactron De-Contaminator plasma cleaner can be installed on most vacuum chambers and electron microscopes. Controllers in rack mounted or tabletop configurations are available.

Key Features

  • High Power Cleaning
  • Compact Size Plasma Source
  • Energy Efficient Plasma Generation
  • "Pop" Ignition
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Vacuum Safety Interlock

E50 Plasma Cleaning Systems

The Evactron® E50 series of plasma de-contaminators provides high performance and high power plasma cleaning in a compact and easy to use form factor. Suitable for use with SEM, TEM, and FIB instruments, the E50 plasma cleaners provide high power cleaning to ensure maximum performance. The E50 technology uses an external hollow cathode RF (XHCRF) plasma radical source for high power and efficient operation.

The E50 plasma cleaners are very easy to set up and operate, and feature a touch screen tablet interface, with a simple “one button” cleaning control. Advanced parameters such as power, cleaning time, and cycle counts can also be adjusted, and saved as user-programmable recipes. The compact design of the E50 plasma sources makes them ideal for attaching to crowded SEM and FIB chambers.

Sample Cleaning

Contamination from hydrocarbon build-up inside instruments and on samples can compromise high resolution image quality and sensor sensitivity. The plasma de-contamination technology used by Evactron’s E50 plasma cleaners provides a fast, effective, and gentle method of removing contamination. This ensures that high-quality, artefact-free imaging and efficient analytical measurement is possible. The E50 plasma-decontaminators do not damage samples, and cause no sputter etch.

Shown Left: Sample with contamination
Shown Right: Sample cleaned with Evactron®

Product range

Evactron® E50 Plasma De-Contaminators
Evactron® E-Series Plasma De-Contaminators
Evactron® Zephyr™ Plasma Cleaners
Evactron® Easy Plasma SoftClean™



  • 75W peak RF power, and 50W continuous
  • Plasma and UV afterglow dual action cleaning
  • Energy efficient hollow cathode, capacitive coupled plasma (CCP)
  • "Pop" ignition at high vacuum
  • User-programmable recipes to control power, cleaning time, and number of cycles
  • Touch screen tablet controls with Bluetooth communication
  • Wide range pressure operation from 0.3 Pa/ 2 mTorr to 80 Pa/ 600 mTorr
  • Optional external interlock connection
  • TMP compatible, no advance venting needed
  • 100X+ faster than previous Evactron models
  • Not damaging to fragile components with no sputter etch
  • PRS can be installed on the SEM chamber or the load lock
  • "One button" cleaning operation
  • No match or gas flow adjustments needed for plasma ignition
  • TUV, NRTL and CE compliance testing pending

Find out more about how the high-power Evactron® E50 series of plasma decontaminators can help ensure the best imaging and analysis quality. We are happy to provide more information on request. Contact us today!