The EM-40 represents COXEM's latest addition to their expanding family of Tabletop SEMs.



COXEM manufactures and provides Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), the most widely used platform technology in Nano- Metrology of Nano-scale. As a partner of Nano-fusion technology that changes industrial condition in 21 century, COXEM tries to provide the best quality service. SEM is the precision instrument, can be used for analysing the shapes or constituents of microstructure materials in quantitative and qualitative. SEM is an essential instrument for development of basic science and an indispensable infra for technical innovation, used in chemistry, biology, material science as well as nano-materials and nano-biology.

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Product Videos

EM-40 In Operation

EM-40 Operating Video

Key Features

  • All-new GUI, NanoStation5
  • Fast frame rate up to 13fps
  • Optimised auto focus function
  • X,Y,Z axes motorised stage
  • Variable pressure (10,20,30Pa)
  • Compatible with compact EBSD
  • Fast particle analysis


Building on the success of the EM-30 line of Tabletop SEMs, the EM-40 includes a host of features you would expect to find only on full-sized, more expensive SEMs. The EM-40 has ultra-fast 5th-generation signal processing technology and high-quality imaging at frame rates of up to 13 fps. There are four imaging modes (fast, slow, ultra fast, and photo) which allows the user to choose the image quality and speed that best fits their application. The EM-40 has a magnification range of 50 – 150,000x with large depth of field and accelerating voltages from 1 kV to 30kV, selectable in 1 kV steps. These, coupled with 4 user-selectable apertures, assure optimum conditions for high-quality imaging, every time. A new 3-axis motorised stage accepts samples up to 55mm in diameter, with a maximum height of 37mm, while the rotary and turbo molecular pumps will have you going from loading to imaging in under 3 minutes.

New Software: NanoStation5

Powered by NanoStation5 software, the EM-40 includes a suite of automated functions that simplify operation and help novice users achieve consistent results. Navigation View (including a built-in digital camera) allows the user to quickly move between Macro, Micro, and Nano viewing modes, making it easy to find your area of interest, even on multiple sample stubs. Equipped with an SE and a 4 quadrant BSE detector, the EM-40 allows the operator to view either detector individually, side-by-side, or as a composite image for a better understanding of chemistry and microstructure.  

Annotation Tool Bar - Circled at the top of the image

Settings (Circled at the left of the image):

  • Alignment
  • Stage Control
  • Focus
  • Magnification
  • Brightness
  • Contrast

Operation (Circled at the right of the image):

  • E-gun On / Off
  • Vacuum / Vent
  • Detector
  • Acquire
  • Save / Load
  • Archive

Easy to operate with Auto Focus

Auto Focus in 3 seconds.

Variable Pressure

High Vacuum, 10Pa, 20Pa & 30Pa.


Magnification 20x to 250,000x (Digital zoom 1x ~ 12x)
Spatial Resolution < 5nm at 30kV
Vacuum mode High vacuum, Low vacuum, Variable pressure
Accelerating voltage 1 ~ 30kV (adjustable in 1kV scale)
Sample stage X : 40mm, Y : 40mm, Z : 40mm, 3-axis motorised
Electron Source Tungsten Filament (W)
Vacuum system Turbo pump (80L) + Rotary pump (100L)
Detector SE, BSE
Dimensions (W x L x H) 315(W) × 560(L) × 580(H)mm
Weight 81.5kg
Features Panorama 2.0
Auto focus
Auto brightness & contrast
Auto filament adjustment
Auto start
Signal mixing
Triple display & Save
Line profiling
Image filtering
Measuring tools
Data output format JPEG, TIFF, BMP
Options BSE
Navi CAM
Low vacuum (20Pa)
Variable pressure (10 / 20 / 30 Pa)
Cool Stage
Diaphragm pump


EM-40 Applications

The EM-40 has the ability to image under variable vacuum conditions, making it the ideal tool for applications ranging from materials science and energy research to life sciences and biological imaging.



EM40 Overview

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Product Videos

EM-40 In Operation

EM-40 Operating Video

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CN Tech's Support Programs will help ensure that your investment is protected, and that you and your instrument’s are always operating at peak performance.

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