CP-8000 Ion Mill Cross Section Polisher

Achieve a perfect finish for SEM sample preparation with COXEM. Using an argon ion beam, the CP-8000 gently removes material from a sample's surface without deforming or smearing. Features an easy to use touch screen interface, with programmable polishing recipes.



COXEM manufactures and provides Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), the most widely used platform technology in Nano- Metrology of Nano-scale. As a partner of Nano-fusion technology that changes industrial condition in 21 century, COXEM tries to provide the best quality service. SEM is the precision instrument, can be used for analyzing the shapes or constituents of microstructure materials in quantitative and qualitative. SEM is an essential instrument for development of basic science and an indispensable infra for technical innovation, used in chemistry, biology, material science as well as nano-materials and nano-biology.

CN Tech are the exclusive Coxem distributor for:

United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Key Features

  • Argon Ion Beam Source
  • Polishes Without Deforming
  • Simple Touch Screen Interface
  • Integrated Chamber Camera
  • Programmable Polishing Recipes
  • Supplied with Alignment Scope

A Perfect Finish with Ion Milling

The COXEM CP-8000 Ion Mill Cross Section Polisher can provide the perfect finish for scanning electron microscopy specimen preparation. Using an argon ion beam, the CP-8000 gently removes material from the surface of a sample, atoms at a time. This gentle process does not deform or smear a sample's surface. Used as a final preparation after mechanical polishing or sectioning, the CP-8000 gives a perfect finish for delicate samples.

Intuitive Features & Interface

With its' user friendly 7" touch screen interface, the CP-8000 is very easy to use. The touch screen GUI is clear and intuitive, and settings can be saved as stored "recipes" to make recurring sample preparation tasks more efficient. An integrated camera allows users to view inside the polisher's chamber and adjust the position of shield plate and specimen.


Ion mill cross selection polishing is commonly used in semiconductor and electronics applications, such as vias, solder joints, bonded layers, and any other situation where softer layers may be deformed by more aggressive mechanical polishing.

The CP-8000 is also capable of performing delicate cross sectioning of powders, to examine the internal structure in pharmaceutical and materials sciences applications.


CP-8000 Ion Mill Cross Section Polisher Brochure

CP-8000 Ion Mill Cross Section Polisher Brochure

Coxem Brochure

Coxem Brochure

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