AZtecHKL and Symmetry EBSD System

Symmetry is a revolutionary EBSD detector based on a custom CMOS sensor, with exceptional performance. Providing high speed and high sensitivity, Symmetry suits all EBSD applications without compromise. AZtecHKL EBSD software provides real-time data acquisition and analysis.


Oxford Instruments

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Key Features

  • >3000 pps High Speed
  • 1244 x 1024 High Resolution
  • High Sensitivity
  • Easy to Use Design

Oxford Instruments AztecHKL & Symmetry EBSD

The AZtecHKL and Symmetry EBSD System from Oxford Instruments is a revolutionary Electron Backscatter Diffraction solution with exceptional performance and flexibility. Using a special CMOS sensor, optimised for EBSD, the Symmetry EBSD detector features both high speed and high sensitivity unmatched by conventional CCD based detectors. The superior performance of Symmetry provides flexibility, and is suitable for EBSD on all samples without compromise. AztecHKL is an EBSD software package capable of real time EBSD analysis, and unlocks the full potential of the Symmetry EBSD detector.

Oxford Instruments have designed the AZtecHKL and Symmetry EBSD system to be fully compatible with COXEM's CX-200 Plus Scanning Electron Microscope. Together, the CX-200 Plus and AZtecHKL are an ideal solution for both electron microscopy and microstructural characterisation.

Exceptional EBSD Performance

The custom CMOS sensor developed by Oxford Instruments makes Symmetry the world's fastest EBSD detector. Specially optimised for EBSD, the CMOS-based design provides exceptional performance, in both speed and sensitivity.

Symmetry can operate at over 3000 patterns per second. With unparalleled sensitivity, Symmetry can handle the most difficult of applications, even when low beam currents and voltages are required. High resolution patterns can be generated at all speeds. Symmetry has a full resolution 1244 x 1024 pixels, ideal for HR-EBSD applications.

Flexibility Without Compromise

Because of Symmetry's high-performance design, Symmetry is suitable for all EBSD applications without compromise. The high speed and sensitivity improves the quality of results for difficult samples, such as complex oxides or thin films.

The unprecedented performance offered by Symmetry opens the door to innovative EBSD applications, including large area mapping, 3D EBSD and in-situ experiments.

Simple & Easy to Use

Symmetry is simple and easy to use, with an array of innovative features to suit all applications. Variable tilt, dynamic calibration, automatic set-up routines, and the ability for seamless EDS integration via the AZtec software ensure EBSD is easy.

AZtecHKL EBSD Software

The full potential of the Symmetry EBSD detector is unleashed with Oxford Instruments' AZtecHKL EBSD software. AZtecHKL supports real-time data acquisition and analysis, and is quick and intuitive to use with guided workflows and intelligent automatic tools.

AZtecHKL provides high accuracy, powered by Oxford Instruments' Tru-I algorithms, which gives the highest number of accurately indexed EBSPs. The refined accuracy of indexing provides an impressive angular resolution of 0.05°.

AZtecHKL is full featured and flexible. Simultaneous EBSD and EDS analysis is possible, with EDS data harnessed to differentiate similar crystal structures. Powerful tools such as Transmission Kituchi Diffraction (TKD, t-EBSD) are included with AZtecHKL as standard, fully equipping users for advanced applications.

Product range

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AZtecHKL and Symmetry EBSD System Brochure

AZtecHKL and Symmetry EBSD System Brochure

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